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All-Ukrainian dictation at the embassy

All-Ukrainian dictation at the embassy - e-history.kz
November 9, 2017 at the Embassy of Ukraine in Astana was an extraordinary event. In honor of the Day of Ukrainian writing and language, everyone could take part in the All-Ukrainian dictation

Ukrainian radio invited all to join this action and the embassy staff unanimously supported this initiative. The Ambassador of Ukraine in Kazakhstan Volodymyr Dzhidzhora told the Internet portal NDH about this event and proposed to hold the World Day of the Kazakh language.

- Today, within the embassy walls, an all-Ukrainian dictation was held with the use of modern media and communications. Tell me, please, how did you prepare for this?

- This is the first experience in the history of the Ukrainian embassy in Kazakhstan. We could not miss this date. It is the twentieth anniversary of the Day of Ukrainian Culture and Writing. Day dedicated to the ancient man, one of the founders of the written language, Nestor the Chronicler, and we could not miss this event. And what holiday of writing without Ukrainians in Kazakhstan, without schoolchildren, without those who teach, studying? Therefore, I am very pleased with the fact that it all happened. I am very pleased with the fact that in Kazakhstan there is an opportunity for young people and the older generation to study the Ukrainian language, literature and history. We will help it and strengthen the Ukrainian component of the united people of Kazakhstan.

- This event has a deep history, it's very good that you honor it and do not forget it. Today, dictation involves not only children, but also adults?

- Yes, they are teachers of school-gymnasium №47 of Astana city, representatives of Ukrainian public organizations of Astana. In addition to Astana, today the dictation was written, we know for sure, in Karaganda and Pavlodar. We hope that the event was supported in other cities of Kazakhstan, where there are Ukrainian public organizations.

- Who organized and conducted the dictation?

- The author of this dictation is an associate professor of the Kiev University named after Grinchenko Alexander Avramenko. He's from Kiev. Dictation is conducted around the world. For the first time so many countries and people in different places take part. This year, our Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been contacted by the Ukrainian Radio, in order to help spread this good and beautiful idea around the world. And embassies, consulates, general consulates all over the world invited Ukrainians, and those who study the Ukrainian language, culture and history, to join this holiday. Therefore, I am grateful to the whole world, to all those who supported us. Today it was online all over the world on the basis of the Ukrainian radio.

- We are pleased with this initiative, we are glad that the embassy supported this and conducted it today in Kazakhstan, in Astana. It is very pleasant that the children of the capital participated in such an event.

- We are also very pleased, and I hope this will be a good example, including for Kazakhstan, to hold the World Day of the Kazakh language.

One of the participants in the dictation was Toderash Olga Evgenyevna, the director of the school-gymnasium №47. She shared her impressions.

- What is the main purpose of this dictation?

- To impart the interest of students and all people to the Ukrainian language, the study of the Ukrainian language.

- Olga Evgenyevna, please tell us about the dictation that takes place in the building of the Ukrainian Embassy in Kazakhstan?

- Today the children wrote a radio dictation, which is dedicated to the Ukrainian language and writing. Since our school-gymnasium with the study of the Ukrainian language, then, of course, we took an active part in it.

- What did you write today? What work?

- Today we wrote about Ukrainian music. The Ukrainian people were always famous for their good hearing, wonderful singing. They have a lot of beautiful and sincere songs. Just about these songs, about those people who wrote songs that even flew into space with songs. The famous words of the songs: "Why am I not a falcon, why do not I fly?"

- How often do you participate in such events?

- We try to participate in all events held by the Embassy of Ukraine.

- How many years is dictation conducted?

- Dictation is conducted for a long time. Earlier we wrote it at our school and at the embassy for the first time.

- What are the results of the children?

- Children are different and the results are different, but overall, not bad! At our school children of more than twenty nationalities are trained, national structure is very different. The fact that children can write in another language is a good indicator, and interest in language is always welcome.

- So, do the children of twenty nationalities learn Ukrainian language and write dictations?

- Yes, because the gymnasium has existed for more than 20 years. Come to visit us. We have a complex; there is a group of kindergarten, which is already studying the Ukrainian language.

Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA