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Human remains were found in Atyrau by oil workers

 		Human remains were found in Atyrau by oil workers - e-history.kz

Shocking findings were discovered by oil workers in Atyrau region. According to КТК channel, in the desert area they came across with a cluster of human remains.

  As it turned out, the remains belong to the inhabitants of tribes who lived in this region 2-3 thousand years ago. For the first time human bones were discovered during the geological development of sand hills. In 2009 professional archaeologists have worked here. On the ancient burial ground were found burials of five people. At that time the area was fenced, however, nothing left from it today, as assure scientists. 

"These are the remains of ancient tombs. They appeared on surface due to wind blows. This place considered as an archaeological monument. However, in order to continue investigations require large costs"- said Mukhambetkali Kipiev, the member of inspection group on protection of historical and cultural heritage of Atyrau region.