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“National Digital History” launched the project “Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar” (Kazakhs Abroad)

“National Digital History” launched the project “Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar” (Kazakhs Abroad) - e-history.kz
The documentary film "Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar" will show daily life, history, traditions and customs, culture and ethnographic values of Kazakhs living in the far and near abroad

Today, July 19, 2017 in the Central Communications Service of Kazakhstan was held a press conference with the participation of the Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev, dedicated to the beginning of the filming of the 8-series documentary film "Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar" about the life of Kazakhs abroad.

The press conference was attended by the Chairman of the Board of JSC “KazContent” Evgeny Kochetov and the head of the Internet project "History of Kazakhstan" Olzhas Berkinbayev, as well as representatives of the media.

The eight-series documentary film that covers everyday life, traditions and the distinct culture of Kazakhs living outside the historical homeland will be launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications in accordance with the ideas of President Nursultan Nazarbayev on spiritual modernization. This was noted by the Minister of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev.

In his speech, Dauren Askerbekovich said: "Dear colleagues, the project "Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar" which is being presented to you, is one of the important regular events implemented by the Ministry of Information and Communications within the framework of the spiritual modernization program. Everyone knows that throughout the world only a few countries are engaged in the return of their compatriots living abroad. One of them is Kazakhstan. Over 26 years of our sovereignty, about 1 million compatriots returned to the country. As you know, at the recent V International Qurultay of Kazakhs, the Head of State said: "For every Kazakh who loves his homeland, Kazakhstan's doors are always wide open." That is, the return has not stopped; we think that it will continue. In this regard, the Ministry of Information and Communications is launching the project "Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar". The shooting of the 8-series documentary film about our compatriots living in the territory of eight countries is planned. In general, the project will cover everyday life, traditions, and the distinctive culture of foreign Kazakhs."

Also, for users of social networks and the Internet, a live broadcast about the work of the expedition will be conducted on the National Digital History portal.

According to Evgeny Kochetov, the Chairman of the Board of JSC “KazContent”, historical information, and valuable archival documents will be published on the National Digital History portal. The head of the National Digital History portal Olzhas Berkinbayev told about the project and the objectives of the documentary film "Qiyrdagy Qazaqtar", as well as about the shooting.

"What purpose are we pursuing here?" The purpose of the documentary film is to bring fresh breath into our history and modernize the national consciousness within the framework of the article by the Head of State N.A. Nazarbayev "Course in the future: spiritual renewal" and contribute. Also, our purpose is to advocate the far-sighted policy of the President to the Kazakhs living abroad and to show their everyday life to the people of Kazakhstan.

We plan to visit the Kazakhs of the Astrakhan, Omsk, Orenburg, Kurgan regions of Russia, in the cities of Turkmenistan - Tashauz, Ashgabat, Chardzhou, starting from August, visiting the historical regions of Uzbekistan such as Bostandyk, Tashkent, Chirchik, Gazalkent, visiting Kazakh families living in Dushanbe, Sogdy, Badakhshan, and the Khotlon region of Tajikistan. Usually, little is known about the Kazakhs living in Afghanistan. Therefore, we want to visit the Kazakhs of Kabul and Kunduz. We think that despite the difficulties, we will be able to provide you with interesting facts and stories. Also we plan to visit the cities of China, where the Kazakh Diasporas live - Urumqi, Humul, Karamay, Barkol, Chuguchak, Kuldja, Mori, Altay regions, as well as the cities of Iran - Gorgan, Bender-Turkmen, Tehran, and Mashhad. We will also visit Bayan-Olgey region of Mongolia and plan to complete the expedition to Ulaanbaatar, and return to the country," says the head of the film crew Olzhas Ualikhanovich.

In the process of filming a documentary film, materials about customs, traditions, folklore will be collected, not only interviews, but also conversations and heart-to-heart talks with elders (aksakals) about their history, preservation of spiritual heritage, ethnographic materials: embroidered chapan, sabers of batyrs, relics of ancestors, ancient books, ancient historical photographs, etc. The history of creation and activity of public associations of foreign Kazakh Diasporas will be told. The film is one of the original projects, which gives an opportunity to show the real life of the Kazakhs outside the homeland, to take a new look at the culture, history, traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA