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Monthly screening of Turkish films in Astana

Monthly screening of Turkish films in Astana - e-history.kz
In recent years, the sphere of Turkish cinematography has developed at a rapid pace and now the pictures of Turkish cinematographs are represented in many countries of the world

Turkish TV series in Kazakhstan are very popular and have become a kind of bridge between the cultural relations of the two countries. Along with the television series and cinema now has its own audience, which is increasing every time, causing interest in the audience. In this regard, the Turkish Cultural Center named after Yunus Emre once a month in 2017 plans to show Turkish films in the capital of the brotherly country - Astana.


This year, at the first screening, the film "The Last Letter" dedicated to the Battle of Canakkale will be presented. The script was written by Ozkan Eren, starring Tansel Ongel, Nesrin Cavadzade.

Each nation has great battles that have a special place in their history. Also in the history of Turkey, the Battle of Canakkale plays a very important role. In the film "The Last Letter" during such a battle, a letter was written that was delivered to its addressee 40 years after. The pilot Salih Ekrem and the nurse Nihal during this cruel war sheltered an orphan named Fuat. During the British air strike, the orphan Fuat was rescued from death by Sergeant Salih, and Nihal also extended a helping hand to this boy. Thus, Fuat brought the pilot Salih and the nurse Nihal closer.

It should be noted that residents and guests of Astana will be able to watch all the films organized by the Turkish Cultural Center named after Yunus Emre in 2017, free of charge.

Contact details: 8 777 533 91 30


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA

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