If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

From one to thousand: THREE

From one to thousand: THREE - e-history.kz
‘Three’ is often used by Kazakh people.

Word-combinations with the meaning ‘three’. A young man has three chances. Even you cook three times, the soup will not be done, i.e. totally different. Even you sleep three times, it will not come out of the dreams, i.e. unforgettable. After three days, a man becomes familiar with the grave, i.t. you can get accustomed to everything. If the enemy attacks three times, nobody will be there, if dzhut (famine) repeats three times, no cattle will remain. Three times in nine — herd of horses, i.e. a glue of wealth. 

 Three zhuzes 

Kazakh people are divided into three zhuzes: Senior Zhuz, Middle Zhuz, Junior Zhuz.

 Senior Zhuz includes: 1. Kanly. 2. Shanyshkyly. 3. Zhalaiyr. 4. Sirgeli. 5. Sary uisin. 6. Shapyrashty. 7. Ysty. 8. Oshakty. 9. Alban. 10. Suan. 11. Dulat. 

 Middle Zhus includes: 1. Argyn. 2. Kipchak. 3. Naiman. 4. Konyrat. 5 Kerey. 6. Uak. 

Junior Zhuz includes: 1. Alimuly (Karakesek, Karasakal, Kete, Tortkara, Shomekei, Shekti). 2. Baiuly (Sherkesh, Ysyk, Mabkar, Alasha, Tana, Baibakty, Kyzylkurt, Taz, Berish, Altay, Esentemir, Zhappas). 3. Zhetiru (Toley, Ramadan, Tama, Kerderi, Kerey, Tabyn, Zhagalbaily). 

 Three relatives 

Every man has three relatives: own relatives — relatives on father’s side, relatives on wife’s side, relatives on mother’s side. People say: own relatives are envious, wife’s relatives like to find downsides, mother’s relatives are critical. If you are prosperous, they envy you, if you are in need — they cannot give you, if you are happy — they envy you, if you are unhappy — they fleece you. Mother’s relatives look at your well-being and contacts. If you give — you please everyone, if you don’t — they quarrel. Relatives on mother’s side always support you, wish you all the best and are your well-wishers. 

 Three powers

 1. Mind is power. 2. Heart is power. 3. Language is power. 

 Three suddenness

 1. Death is unexpected. 2. Guest is unexpected. 3. Fate is unexpected. 

 Three values

 1. Youth 2. Health. 3. A good wife. Three evils 1. To shed blood of the innocent. 2. To take someone’s cattle in vein. 3. To destroy ancestors’ traditions. 

 Three close relatives

 1. Progenitor of water — spring. 2. Progenitor of road — a hoof. 3. Progenitor of a word — a ear. 

 Three aims

 1. Aim of the road — to reach. 2. Aim of the quarrel — to be finished. 3. Aim of a girl — to leave (i.e. to get married). Three decisions 1. Mind is arkan (noose). 2. Thought is the pasture. 3. Man is a stake. 

 Three lights

 1. If fair-minded, akim is the light. 2. If clever, a wife is the light. 3. If takes steps measuredly . a horse is the light. 

 Three sweet notions 

1. Soul. 2. Cattle. 3. Beloved bride. 


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