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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Happy Constitution Day, Kazakhstan!

Happy Constitution Day, Kazakhstan! - e-history.kz
After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which was followed by a freedom of states from the socialist law, the legal system of modern Kazakhstan acquired the majority of features and attributes

inherent in the legal systems of the countries of the Romano-German legal family, which with its horses goes to the right of ancient Rome. At the same time, the very legal system of a specific country, including in its content the nature of the sources of law and the ways of their interpretation, specific legal institutions, legal practice, the originality of legal thinking, the role of legal doctrine and a number of other components is not a fixed phenomenon. The current Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, adopted at the national referendum on August 30, 1995, formed a unique framework for the state and legal development of Kazakhstan, as well as the framework of its legal system as a whole.

Therefore, the state-legal development of Kazakhstan after the adoption of the 1995 Constitution, although it changed rapidly, but this development was carried out within the framework of this Constitution, since such basic values ​​of the state as presidential form of government, territorial integrity and unitary form of state structure remain unchanged.


The Article 20 of Kazakhstan's Constitution reads:

1. The freedom of speech and creative activities shall be guaranteed. Censorship shall be prohibited.

2. Everyone shall have the right to freely receive and disseminate information by any means not prohibited by law. The list of items constituting state secrets of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be determined by law.

TOTAL BULLSHIT. It has been and will be BULLSHIT. When your government can easily block an access to social media on the Constitution Day - it is called a DIAGNOSIS (and there is no remedy for it, remember). North Korean reality would seem much softer.