If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly


At West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisuly in Uralsk, the “National Digital History” project was introduced

This event was organized in the developing with the history of a large cultural and industrial region of our country, the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisuly in Uralsk at the faculties of history, economics and law.

Teachers, undergraduates and students, researchers, young historians gathered at the solemn event in the meeting room of the historical faculty. Young historians have come to this practical meeting about the significance of the website in the information space and the new design of the portal. This event in the western region was conducted by the famous historian, ethnographer Zhanabek Zhaksygaliyev.

"National digital history of Kazakhstan" is one of the projects which provides a high-quality content about the national history and the history of the Motherland on the Internet portal," the moderator gave introductory remarks the Head of the Department of History of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aliya Yermekkyzy. She, in turn, speaking about the fact that the teachers are familiar with the portal "National Digital History", expressed gratitude to the editor of the portal of the Kazakh version, Altynbek Kumyrzakuly, for taking the time to familiarize the university staff with the project.

"Welcome to our university with a history of over 80 years. The university is one of the largest in the field of higher education. Everyone understands that each person who comes to this region wants to know the names of Makhambet and Isatay, Zhangir Khan and Syrym Batyr. In this regard, our university is named in honor of our fellow countryman, the famous batyr, the poet Makhambet Utemisuly. In particular, thank you very much for having arrived and acquainted with the portal, explained the modern features of the portal application. In the future, I think the staff of our faculty, the scientific staff will maintain close relations with the portal staff,"

said Aliya Bizhanova.

After the introductory remarks made by the Head of the Department of History, the editor of the Kazakh version of the portal, Altynbek Kumyrzakuly, acquainted the staff of the university with the new design of "National Digital History of Kazakhstan" internet project.

The portal "National Digital History" providing information support to students and pupils, researchers, as well as a community of readers of different ages, systematically promotes the history of Kazakhstan on the Internet. The portal has collected a large electronic fund of 5 periods of the History of Kazakhstan. This information the community of readers, students and pupils will be able to download online in the form of abstracts, term papers, and thesis. Every reader, when reading information, can express his opinion, leave a review.

To date, "National Digital History" has become a single communication platform for fans of the history of the people. The site provides services in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

In the main part of the event, the editor of the portal, responding to the questions of undergraduates and students, noted the need for collegially close relationships between researchers who write on historical topics and the portal staff. The essence of the questions posed during the event was as follows: "Does the portal staff often goes to historical and cultural expeditions?", "In the future, what special plans should readers expect from the "National Digital History Portal?", “Is the fee paid to the authors of the portal?", "Is there any idea to organize contests of the best historians and their articles, among students the contest of the best scientific works?", "What places and historical monuments of Western Kazakhstan will be included in the chapter "The Great Steppe?".

"All questions are asked correctly. In the future, most of the issues we will consider and take into account your proposals,"

A. Kumyrzak said.

It is worth noting that the feature of the West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisuly of the city of Uralsk is a rich historical path equal to the century. In the 2012 academic year, the educational institution on the scale of the region celebrated its 80th anniversary. The University is an educational institution that has made an immeasurable contribution to the scientific, educational, cultural, and economic development of the western region of Kazakhstan. Prominent figures of society and politics, science and culture are honorary professors of the university. Among them are: a poet Akkushtap Baktygereeva, (Qadir Myrza Ali), Imangali Tasmagambetov, Alibek Dnishev, Talgat Musabaev, Chris Kreiker and Baktykozha Izmukhambetov.

Today West Kazakhstan University named after M. Utemisuly is a well-known large educational and scientific center in the republic preserving its history, advanced traditions, always in development and prosperity.


Staff correspondent

The city of Uralsk

Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA

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