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Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expert opinion – B. Tolysbaev

Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Expert opinion – B. Tolysbaev - e-history.kz
On November 11, 2014 the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev delivered a message to the people of Kazakhstan and announced new economic policy of the state named “Nurly Zhol – a Way to the Future”.


Bauyrzhan Tolysbaev,

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

The annual address of the President is a good tradition for citizens of Kazakhstan. With the beginning of each year we expect from him new goals for a new period which give us confidence in the future.

The Address of the President named “Nurly Zhol — Way to the Future” is a policy document in which Nursultan Nazarbayev defined strategic focuses of social and economic development of the country for 2015-2017 and presented his point of view concerning solutions to these issues.

The President relying on his rich experience noted that the next years will become the period of global testing. The architecture of the whole world will change. We need to overcome this hard period. He also noted that this line will be crossed by strong countries which have united nation.

With confidence I can say that the Address of the President is a concrete guidance for further actions aimed at achievement of chosen goals, qualities new stage of our country’s prosperity.

It should be noted that the Address of the President named “Nurly Zhol — Way to the Future” is able to provide successful economic development of our country for long-term prospective.

Many goals stated in the Address of the President are logical continuation of the program of actions developed for the Government. In February 2014 it made a decision to allocate 1 trillion tenge from the National Fund to support economic growth and employment in 2014-2015 in two tranches (500 billion tenge in each).

We fully support the ideas of the President’s Address, especially the concept that taking into account new external risks for economic development we require new initiatives to stimulate business activity and employment. The New Economic Policy should be based on infrastructural development of different sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy.

In his Address the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan outlined the need to allocate up to USD 3 billion from the National Fund annually for 2015-2017.

We consider that the Address of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev plays a crucial role in further development of Kazakhstan and believe that the country relying on this Address will inevitably achieve great results in implementation of the Strategy-2050.

Undoubtedly, stated by the President strategic directions of the state policy on the wide range of key issues will turn into new stage of achievement of the goal related to construction of free and prosperous Kazakhstan.

The President’s Address indicates the aim to provide further improvement of administrative management of the modern type. Today all necessary conditions of successful work of the system of state management have been created. Administrative reform has been conducted; new structure of the Government and executive power has already started its work.

He also provides a clear understanding that corruption will be eliminated in Kazakhstan. Today each Minister knows what to do. Duplication and unnecessary levels of management have been defeated. Akims (mayors) have required power. Our regions have everything — programs, resources, financial assets. Everyone is responsible for his sphere of work. It is necessary just to work hard.

The focus was made on New Economic Policy named “Nurly Zhol” which will be the engine of economic growth for next years.

Without any doubt, the way chosen by our President is right and targeted. We see and realize this clearly.