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Akhmet Baitursynov's letter to Alikhan

Akhmet Baitursynov's letter to Alikhan - e-history.kz
The correspondence between Akhmet and Alikhan mentions the issue of the transition of Kazakh to Latin alphabet

Dear Ali!

I could not answer many of your letters about the final resolution of the question of transferring to Kyzylorda timely. Now seeing that the students, even despite the fact that KirInstitute is not being transferred - decided to go, I also decided to migrate to Kyzylorda, therefore, I sent my wife there to see over and find an apartment.

This year, thanks to the relocation of the center, I could even go to my homeland. Now I think, after the migration in August or September.

If your professor leaves for Turgay and Irgiz counties, then it's possible for me to go with him. Collection of songs, photographing - I also planned to do. If I had to learn from a professor, it would be very useful for me.

According to my contract with Kirgosizdat, I must reconstruct the three grammars and Kyrgyz alphabet by a new spelling: one by June 15, another by July 15, the third by August 1 and the fourth by August 20. Until then, I can not look back at other works, and then, if the education in KirInstitute starts, there will be no free time again. For this reason I can say definitely that before August 20 I can not write a biography of Ibrahim (Abay). After August 20, will I have time, I can not say.

I'll send you my photographic card, but look to your notebooks, where my card will be placed, if it does not wrinkle. Our Communists are not such half-hearted communists as Moscow's, but a real 96th test.

A photograph of Altynsary's son can be found in the book - in the collection No. 6, 7, and 8 of the magazine “Sholpan”. Besides this, I do not have his card. Mir-Yakup traveled to the Kostanay district. Yesterday, a telegram was received running as: "Raya gave birth to a son."

I returned from the congress of Kyrgyz teachers held in Pishpek. Questions that were under consideration are as follows: language, letter, spelling, scientific terminology, collections of old words and the character of schools."

Regarding the Latin transcriptions, they had one meeting before, where the resolution was passed. The Congress approved it. The resolution is as follows: the Latin transcription for the future of the Kirghiz is considered useful, but it is noted that it is not expedient to introduce it immediately, before introducing they need some changes in the Arabic transcription. They say that Latin transcription of Nazir [1] is worse than Arabic. We should not have large and small letters, or any difference between printed and written letters.

Geography in Russian akcentre [2] can not publish. I bring it to the discussion of the Kirkray study society and then I will inform you. I hope that the latter will publish it, because they need Kyrgyz geography.

Hug, kiss.


Orenburg. ІІ / VI - 1925

Translated by authorized agent of 2nd Dep. Dzhakupov

1. Nazir Torekululy (1892, Kokand - 3.10.1937, Moscow) - state and public figure, publicist, one of the first Kazakh ambassadors, diplomat.

2. Akcentre - it is possible "CentreIzdat".


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA