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The "Princess" of Urdzhar

The "Princess" of Urdzhar - e-history.kz
The sensational artifact was founded in Urzhar Area of Eastern Kazakhstan.

The "Princess" of Urdzhar

The sensational artifact was founded in Urzhar Area of Eastern Kazakhstan oblast during excavations one of the barrows by the Kazakhstan archeologists, appeared in a zone of reconstruction of Taskesken-Bakta Highway.  Research works were carried out by the Institute of Archaeology named by A.Kh. Margulan.


Remains of the young woman of a notable origin under a barrow embankment in a stone sarcophagus under massive granite plates, depth level on - 1,70 m were researched.  In the chamber with the buried ceramic and wooden vessels and bones of a sacrificial animal – remains of a sheep were found.  Remains of fabric of clothes of blue and green color remained on bones of a human skeleton.  Old earrings and a stone altar - indispensable attribute of female burials of that time were found at the head of buried woman.

The greatest value is represented by the peaked gold headdress ornamented with vegetable patterns and a zoomorphism ornament. The top part, decorated with a spiral from a gold wire has a headdress also arrow-shaped. The lower part of a product was decorated by ancient jewelers (zergers) with corrugated suspension brackets. In a form and an ornamental embodiment, the find reminds national Kazakh female headdresses saukele and borik. Similar headdresses as it is supposed were accessory of a full dress of Saka tribes of Kazakhstan. The similar find in Kazakhstan is known only in the well-known Issyk barrow relating to the same time, as the burial in the Urdzhar area. The "Princess" from Urdzhar is preliminary dated back to the IV-III centuries BC.


June, 2013