«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

March 9 was born Gabit Musirepov (1902-1985) - a writer, specialist in literature, statesman and public figure

Musrepov made his first steps and trial opportunities in literary works when he was studying at the Workers' Faculty. In those years Musrepov met Seifullin S., what made a strong influence on him. One of his first works, the novel "On the rapid wave" (1927), attracted the attention of the literary community. In the subsequent events of social and cultural life of the country were the main theme of his literary creativity. Later, events of social and cultural life of the country became the main theme of his literary creativity .

Musrepov's short stories, poems, novels and stories contributed to the formation of national literature, reflected significant events in all sphere of life, social changes in Kazakh society, new phenomena in daily life and psychology of Kazakh people.

Musrepov is the famous public figure, who invested a lot of work into the expansion and strengthening  of literary relations in Asia and Africa, promoting national literature.  

In 1934 he wrote his fist play "Kyz Zhibek" and then libretto. The new musical drama since its first performances in the newly opened national theaters deserved public recognition of the public.

Musrepov is also the author of such major literary works as "Amangeldy" (1935), "Kozy Korpesh - Sulu Bayan" (1939),"Soldier from Kazakhstan" (1945), "The Awakening Land" (1953), "Akhan sepi - Aktokty ",  "The image that failed to meet "(1966),(State prize of the Kazakh SSR (1968), "Ulpan is her name "(1974),  "In the power of others"(1974) and dozens of short stories and novels. Books of literary criticism and journalistic prose "Debt artist" and "Traces of Time" as well as belongs to him. 


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