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6 August

6 August 2012

In 2012, O. Rypakova won 6th golden medal in the 30th Olympic Games making Kazakhstan on 7th place

August 6, 2012 in athletics competitions in the triple jump among women in 30th Olympic Games in London, a brilliant Kazakh athlete Olga Rypakova won a medal. 

The 6th golden medal raised Kazakhstan on 7th place in general rank of London Olympic Games.

6 August 1741

August 6, 1741, Orenburg city was founded

The city’s original location, at the confluence of the Or River and Yaik River (Zhaiyk in Kazakh language), was selected during the expedition of initiator of area’s development I. Kirillov. V. Tatishev was appointed as the head of Orenburg expedition after his death. It seemed to him that the place is very uncomfortable, besides it flooded with spring floods. In 1739, preparations for the construction of the city downstream Yaik at a place called Red Hill had begun. In August 6, 1741 the city was founded, although, the construction was not started.