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28 May

28 May 1999

In 1999 the first Congress of financiers of Kazakhstan was organized

On May 28, 1999  the first Congress of financiers of Kazakhstan was organized.
At the Congress was decided insure the deposits. The founder of the Insurance Fund was the National Bank of Kazakhstan, which contributed to the authorized capital of JSC «Kazakhstan Guarantee Fund (insurance) of individuals» 1 billion tenge. Thus, the country has established protection of savings of the citizens.

28 May 1869

In 1869 was founded the Aktyubinsk city

1The city of Aktyubinsk (now Aktobe) was founded 146 years ago. The city arose on the site of the fortress Ak Tobe (White Hill), founded in 1869. In 1977, it became the center of West-Kazakhstan railway. Currently, it is a major economic center in Kazakhstan

28 May 1874