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What do we know about tenge?

What do we know about tenge? - e-history.kz
November 15, Kazakhstan celebrated the Day of the national currency - tenge. The most interesting facts about the creation of Kazakhstan money, which you probably do not yet know

Kazakhstan one of the last went out of the ruble zone of the former USSR. The creation of a national currency is a serious and painstaking process, requiring years. However, in the early 90's our country simply did not have that much time. For several years, the design of the national currency of Kazakhstan, called tenge, was developed and approved.

The first Kazakh money was printed in London. To deliver tenge to the republic, it was necessary to make 18 air flights, and within 8 days the own money of the independent state was dispersed across all Kazakhstan banks. Kazakhstanis perfectly remember the day of November 15, 1993, when the exchange of Soviet rubles for the national currency of tenge began.

Today Kazakhstan is one of the four states in the CIS, which has its own mint. For these years, banknotes of tenge three times were recognized as the best in the world. Tenge - the most secure currency from counterfeits in the world. Our experience has been adopted for printing dollars, which count down their history from the XVIII century. We bring to our readers’ attention some interesting facts from the history of the Kazakhstani tenge in infographics below.

Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA