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Vidadi Salakhov: “People of Kazakhstan – the wealth and achievement of the country”

Vidadi Salakhov: “People of Kazakhstan – the wealth and achievement of the country” - e-history.kz
On May 26, 2016 the Civil Forum “Mangilik El: My fate is in the country’s fate” was held at National Museum.

APK Board Member, academician, chief editor of «Turan Times» international newspaper Salakhov Vidadi Korayevich noted that civil forum had great importance for people of Kazakhstan: 


 -Kazakh people have survived difficulties and trials on their way to the present day. In XX century, a significant part of our people was destroyed under various slogans — «War», «Enemy of people», «Defarming», there were many of them. However, our people revived and over a short period, they proved to the world, that there are such great people in Kazakhstan who experienced hard lines. Today, these are people, who have something to say, who have influence in the global space, who have a leader, inspirer, President, Leader of the Nation — Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. These two words — President and Kazakhstan are pronounced together.

 I personally believe that we all citizens of Kazakhstan are more fortunate than other republics of the former Soviet Union. We are fortunate because at the time of troubles, a very wise and forward-thinking person came to lead our country. Therefore, our achievement is so different from other states. As a citizen of Kazakhstan, I believe that our nation consisting of 130 nationalities is wealth and achievement for Kazakhstan.