If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The history of resettlement of Turks Ahyska to Kazakhstan

The history of resettlement of Turks Ahyska to Kazakhstan - e-history.kz
Turks still remember with gratitude, how Kazakh people welcomed brotherly people with open heart, sharing bread, shelter and land...

The ancestors of the Kazakhstan’s community lived for thousands of years in Ahyska, pashalugi of Turkey. In 1882, Russia took that territory after the war between Russia and Turkey and the land was renamed to Ahaltyksky uyezd (small administrative unit like district) of Georgia. Its population mainly dealt with cattle-breeding, garden growing, growing wheat and corn, vegetables and fruits, making trade. Turks are well-wishing by nature, they respect seniors. They especially respect their parents. They love to cultivate land. 

In the Great Patriotic War 35 thousand people from 140 thousand of the total Turkish population were sent to the front.

 In 1944, by order of GKO the Turkish population was deported by force from Georgia to the remote regions of Kazakhstan. Thanks to people of Kazakhstan, Turks managed to survive, retain their community and find their place in the society.


 David Hothem happened to give a kind of an evaluation of the «inner qualities» of Turks. He wrote: «A Turk is made from contradictions, hospitality, politeness, singleness, coexist with the contempt towards foreigners and cruelty in the soul». Turkish peasants are always hardworking. Turks appreciate their honor and are proud of their honesty. People often use the word «Namus», which stands for «Honor». In a Turk’s opinion it is important to be moderate in desires, be patient, respect the elder and educated people, to have honor, dignity, to show benevolence and friendly attitude. Every turn of the history maks an imprint on the psychological portrait of the people.

 «Turkia» Society of Turks in Kazakhstan

 The Turks in Kazakhstan got the opportunity to solve many of their problems since the independence of Kazakhstan and due to the implementation of the new state policy based on the respect to representatives of all ethnic groups inhabiting Kazakhstan without discrimination. In February, 1991 they created a national public organization «Turkia» Society of Turks, the main goal of which is to assist the close relations of two brotherly nations: Kazakh and Turkish people, to assist all-round mutual enrichment of the national cultures of people of Kazakhstan, improve the national relations, train national staff by teaching Turkish youth in educational institutes of Kazakhstan and Turkey. 

 On 15 March 1996 «Turkia» public union was re-registered and renamed into «Ahyska» Turkish National Center. Kurdayev Tofik Ashimovich was appointed the First Chairman to the Council of the Society of Turks in Kazakhstan. 

Today they became one of Kazakhstan’s people, continue to be friends and respect each other. They easily talk in Kazakh and Turkish languages, and more specifically, in Turkic language. Today, according to preliminary data there are 200 thousand Turks-Ahyska in the Republic of Kazakhstan.