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The exhibition devoted to the 80th anniversary of A.Kasteyev

The exhibition devoted to the 80th anniversary of A.Kasteyev  - e-history.kz
The museum has prepared an exhibition for the first time in their practice, devoted to the history of another exhibition, which played a significant role in its formation

Today an exhibition devoted to the 80th anniversary is opened at 16:00 in A.Kasteyev State Art Museum. The exposition tells about a unique historical event — the exhibition organized to the 15th anniversary of the Kazakh ASSR and the 18th anniversary of October. The museum has prepared an exhibition for the first time in their practice, devoted to the history of another exhibition, which played a significant role in its formation.


 On September 23, 1935 the Regulation about organization of the national gallery of art was issued: «An important event intended to raise and cooperate for the further development of art in Kazakhstan, it is necessary to acknowledge organization of NAG. Implementing as art enterprise including the functions of the national gallery, research laboratory and educational institution (art college), the gallery is able to be a real basis for the development of fine arts and upbringing of national personnel. The most extensive section should be devoted to the art of Kazakhstan». The anniversary exhibition devoted to the 15th anniversary of the Kazakh ASSR played a special role, which served as a starting base for the formation of the future collection. By the way, it should be mentioned that the name of the exhibition was planned to be given to this gallery. You could meet such name in early archive documents — The National Art Gallery named after the 15th anniversary of Kaz ASSR. 

The exposition was opened on November 1, 1935 in the halls of the Central museum of Kazakhstan. 15 artists took participation in it, among them a young, talented, original artist A.Kasteyev, painters with professional experience F.Bolkoyev, R.Geidenreich, S.Dvorzhak, N.Krutilnikov, M.Luginsky, A.Rittikh, N.Solovyev, U.Tansykbayev, illustrators V.Antoshchenko-Olenev, A.Galiyev, N.Timofeyev, F.Chernyshev, Kh.Khodzhikov, theater artist A.Nenashev. It was supposed to invite artists from Moscow who worked in Kazakhstan in different years and have created a series of works that reflected Kazakhstan’s subject. But this idea could not be brought in life. Some of the exhibited works of Kazakhstan’s artists were purchased and were put into the basis of the museum. 

The works that were not purchased from the anniversary exhibition are in the museum today. There was referral practice in 1960 by order of the Ministry of the culture of individual work to support and develop regional museums of Kazakhstan. The curators offer a reconstruction of this historic exposition, exposing the works of those artists, made in 1930. Their works reproduce the atmosphere of that time and characterize the level of the first, initial stage of formation of the fine arts of the Republic.