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Pride to be the first graduates of Nazarbayev University

Pride to be the first graduates of Nazarbayev University  - e-history.kz
This year 446 young and ambitious people became the first graduates of Nazarbayev University

“It, probably, your last day at University, but is the first day of your excellent future. It begins exactly here. Some of you will be scientists, some will work in public administration, others will be businessmen or entrepreneurs, but one thing will unite you in the future — all of you will have diplomas of Nazarbayev University” — said the Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Aslan Sarinzhipov.


Azat Kudaybergenov — the graduate of School of Engineering Nazarbayev of University.

“I am extremely glad that I studied at this university. The quality of education is very high thanks to the faculties that set serious rhythm. The relations between students and professor quite friendly, but there are no indulgences in study. Study program is built very accurately, systematically and the most important transparently. Moreover, the social life of university is very interesting and various. 

In my native alma mater I revived my love to sport in particular to basketball. I became the initiator of creation of the basketball team at university and later I was offered to work in the sport center. Today we receive the results of our work. Many students show their interest to our team and wish to join. So, Nazarbayev University gave me not only education, but also a family, a platform where I fulfill my potential as athlete and coach. Five years ago the student atmosphere was not developed at all, there was nothing, neither clubs, nor organizations. However, it was very useful experience, we ourselves created everything at our university. Talking about my specialty, I can say for sure that technical specialty is my sphere and I chose it absolutely consciously. If I will be offered a job abroad with prospect of living for long term I will refuse. As I am a patriot and I want to bring success to my country. I can go abroad only for the sake of experience. I am sure that Nazarbayev University will be competitive and will have the high status on the international arena in the future. I highly recommend everyone to study at Nazarbayev University as any other foreign university won’t give such education in the complex with ideological, patriotic education with the native mentality. We are the result of our university and you can see!”

Dina Shaykhislam — the graduate of School of Humanitarian and Social sciences of Nazarbayev University.

“A distinctive feature of Nazarbayev University is high quality education. It is not a secret that all professor of our university are from abroad. The student community which was created in our university is westernized and more exposed to globalization. All of my friends and my surrounding are highly intelligent people that motivate me to be the same. They can discuss about different subjects beginning from post-expressionism to oldest world classical works. I organized “Children charity club” at the university. “My dream is to legalize it and make it public charity fund at the state level. We occasionally went to the specialized home for disabled children where 54 kids lived. The help of our professor Josh Lench, invited professor from Harvard, was a lot. Once he asked me, what do you want to do? What is the purpose? After consideration of these questions, I finally decided to work with children, to train them and to prepare for admission to educational institutions. Many of them went to Technical training college as electricians and chefs, but many of them had a dream to study at university and we helped them with it. We developed syllabuses, bought a training material, gave psychological support, even made the schedule of journey and went to visit them 2 times a week. Each child had one teacher. This process took a lot of time. Nazarbayev University opened in me this business and I am grateful to it. In the future I would like to introduce this system at each university. Also I am grateful to our rector — Mister Shigeo Katsu. He is also the member of our club and never misses our activities, even participated in “ice bucket challenge”. This year I was nominated for “alumnus of the year” and I did not consider it seriously as in this nomination there were other more popular and authoritative students. As a result I became “the first graduate of the year” at Nazarbayev University. Here, I understood what inspires me and what makes me feel needed and the most important is that education at Nazarbayev Universtiy is the best investment into the future!”

Nursultan Ziyabekov — the graduate of School of Humanitarian and Social sciences of Nazarbayev of University.

“In 2010, I entered to one of the universities of the US by the program “Bolashak” and Nazarbayev University, at that time I firmly decided to go to this university. Today I do not regret about my decision at all. I believe that invited professor gave their knowledge at the best level as they could and fulfilled their mission perfectly. As English was prevailed language at the university and many professors are from different countries, I decided to show our national culture and spiritual wealth. Also to promote our native language and patriotism I decided to open student organization called “Saruar”. I also created student magazine. Student life was very interesting for me and tried myself in every sphere. We organized the first prom to the day of the First President and many other activities. At the university I learnt to think critically and multilaterally. When I become successful and self-sufficient person, I would really like to participate in the academic side of the university particularly in choosing professors. Perhaps, I will provide finance to scientific researches of the university in the future. Everyone expects a lot from the first graduates of Nazarbayev University. We are the generation which will think slightly different. I will tirelessly work for my country and people — it is heroism for me!”

Aygerim Sadenova — the graduate of School of Humanitarian and Social sciences of Nazarbayev University.

“Nazarbayev University has a big potential. Almost all teachers are professors. Our students are not only intellectually strong, nut also quickly adapt to the environment. They have different interests. For example, I contributed to the development of sport at the university. I gathered the team and now we have coach and uniform. We are the first basketball team here. In the future I would like to give uniform to our basketball team and create sponsor programs, as the university has revived in me love to basketball. During the four years I played basketball and for it was the same aim as to finish university. This year we became the champions and for it is a big achievement. Moreover, the university gave me an excellent environment. Working and studying with such intellectual and smart students is the great opportunity to our growth. Every year, day and moment Nazarbayev University made a contribution to my development. For it is a huge pride to be the first graduate of Nazarbayev University!”

Galym Zhumabekov — the graduate of School of Engineering of Nazarbayev University.

“In my opinion, the university gives quality education which emphasizes on independent work of student. The university opened many ideas in me, for instance, I shot news and humor columnist. With my friend I created organization “HD shot” and made short films. On the festival of short movies, the videos that I shot won the award for the Best Cinematography. In the movie I showed how child could stop drinking alcohol his father through photos. I also was the minister of information in the student government and initiated first film festival at the university and since that time there were three such festivals. In the future I would financially encourage Kazakhstan teachers. One of the university goals is to employ local teachers. Everything that I have today is partly due to Nazarbayev University which gave me both quality education and sense for creation of good deeds!”

Ayzhan Konakbayeva — the graduate of School of Humanitarian and Social sciences of Nazarbayev University.

“Nazarbayev University taught me to think multilaterally and look at a situation from different sides. Frankly speaking, in the public life of university I did not actively participate. I prepared the project which I presented in conference organized already 12th time in Turkey. My work was printed in annual release of this conference. Also for myself I opened mini business — a catering. If I did not go to this university then it’s unlikely that I would be doing things like this. Students of Nazarbayev Universtiy are very versatile and focus on their studies.
They want to realize themselves in many different spheres. Also students teach private lessons, they teach English. Nazarbayev University unambiguously opened in me love to science and business. My dream is to become respectable person of our state, build career and family. For me working in other country is normal, but only for a while. Kazakhstan young country and we have many spheres which need to be developed. I am not against to work abroad to accumulate experience and introduce it in our country. My dream is to make my university to proud of me. We were first who stepped here, but I did not regret it and with confidence I can tell that in the future I want my children to study here. How to judge about university? Probably only by its graduates. With a big pleasure I will go to villages and will open nice town there!”