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The brave soldier of the Great Patriotic War

The brave soldier of the Great Patriotic War - e-history.kz
The old newspaper told about the terrible years of the Great Patriotic War

— Father didn’t like to talk about the war. He returned home and worked as zootechnician in Shu area. In 1971 he passed away — Roza Kadyrbekova, daughter of the veteran, started her story showing us an old newspaper.

The heroism of Shalibek Kadyrbekov, who went to the front from Zhambyl region, got much attention in the article of Colonel Zakharin. The article "The One of the Hundred Partisans" was published on 14 June 1983 in the regional newspaper "Znamya Truda". It says: "In the list of partisans of the 22nd company Shalibek Kadyrbekov, born in 1919 in Shu area, member of the Komsomol, was mentioned under number 99. The partisan paths of Company Commander Rostim Dmitriev and Shalibek Kadyrbekov met in 1943 in the 121st Partisan Regiment. Its positions were not far from the village of Mogilevka (Ukraine) where a huge German garrison was stationed. Under such circumstances, it was usual for partisans to meet the enemy almost every day.

Shalibek spent over 200 such disturbing days in the partisan company. He spent there almost a year and repeatedly attacked the enemy’s fortresses and garrisons together with his brother-soldiers.

A man shows his determination at deadly risk. In the very first battle Shalibek proved to be brave and smart partisan who was able to make a right decision in difficult situation. He killed the enemy shooting with a rifle and skilfully dropped shells. During the retreat of the partisans he managed to take a machine-gun and two rifles from a car which was put out of action. Weapon was the most valuable thing for partisans.

Both partisans and military units undertook a particular training to know how to act in a battle. The training was directly connected with experience, age, physical development and skills of a person. The military time required eagle’s vigilance, fox’s cunning and panther’s precipitancy. Shalibek also had to be able to access a situation quickly and to make a decision. Shalibek Kadyrbekov and his friends from Belarus Sergey Kabyshev, Grigoriy Buyakov and brothers Sergey and Mikhail Lavrenovs was those partisans to whom the commander trusted and assigned to do extremely important and dangerous work — to eliminate German soldiers on duty.

It was decided to destroy the German garrison in the village of Yermolovichi (Belarus). It was good fortified and surrounded with barbed wire position. Success of the operation mostly depended on elimination of sentries. The task was delegated to a group of brave men, including Kadyrbekov. The group spent a few days before the start of the operation to observe and analyse the security system, timetable and routs of sentries. The idea was to neutralise sentries without any shot.

At the appointed night partisans undetected got close to chosen military objects and started waiting for the sentries. They didn’t wait for a long time. The operation was finished in a minute. The group opened a road for the attack.

Within one hour partisans destroyed the enemy’s garrison. They obtained excellent trophies such as weapons, ammunitions, explosives, rations, forage and document of the Gestapo.

... Most partisans joined the Red Army to continue the fight against the enemy".