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Kazybek bi – the great Kazakh diplomat

Kazybek bi – the great Kazakh diplomat - e-history.kz
In 1665 a child was born in Karkaralinskaya steppe in the family of bi Keldibek (Argyn tribe, Karakesek clan). The boy received the name of Kazybek.

At that time the family couldn’t assume that this restless boy would become a famous orator and great diplomat and his advices would be heard by khans and sultans. Kazakh people called him "Kaz Dauysty" ("Loud-voiced Kazbek").

He was high-educated, with brilliant memory, purposeful and ready to protect his nation until the last minute. Kazybek bi was national orator, leader and in fact protector of statehood and law in the Middle Zhuz (Horde). He was famous not only by his career of arbiter. In the Middle Horde he was a person who could respond in an oral battle. This skill was a unique characteristic of Kazybek bi.

The mentioned skills and talents became useful both for judging and diplomatic activity. Kazakh bis were diplomats and as good in military art as outstanding batyrs (warriors). However, they were those who often defined the policy of the state. Thus, thanks to efforts of Kazybek bi peaceful relations were established between Kalmyk and Kazakh nations.

Kazybek bi was a member of the first diplomatic mission sent to the ruler of the Dzhunghars. The negotiations were successful and the Dzhunghars returned captured people and stolen livestock. Kazakh legends have preserved Kazybek bi’s speech addressed to Dzhungharian ruler: "We are Kazakhs, we graze cattle in the steppe. Kazakhs threaten no one, we are peaceful nation. If you have come with good intentions — our respond will be peaceful! If you don’t want peace — you will get war!".

The negotiations were followed by several visits to the Dzhunghars. Kazybek bi was representative of the Kazakh and orator. As the result, the sides came to an agreement "to live in harmony and peace in the future". During one of such trips Kazybek bi was very insistent and managed to save Abulai from Dzhungharian captivity. Subsequently he became Khan of Saryarka. Kazybek believed that Abylai was strong and genuinely committed to Kazakh people.

Kazybek bi played a significant role in the destiny of Kazakh people: he was one of the initiators of establishment and enhancing of the united Kazakh state, protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity. In 1680 under the rule of Tauke Khan Kazybek bi was recognised as the senior bi of the Middle Horde. Along with Tole and Ayteke bis he went down in the history as the initiator of integration of Kazakh hordes and one of the authors of the set of law called "Zhety Zhargy" ("The Seven Laws").

Kazybek bi could give an adequate evaluation of historical situation. He repeatedly called for national unity of the Kazakhs, cessation of inter-clan conflicts, and friendly relations with the Dzhunghars, Russian and Uzbeks.

He passed away in winter 1764 at the foot of the Semizbuga Mountain near Terekty spring. Kazybek bi was buried in the city of Turkestan in the mausoleum of Hoja Ahmed Yasawi.