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The old-timer building. Pogodin Drama Theatre

The old-timer building. Pogodin Drama Theatre - e-history.kz
Pogodin Russian Drama Theatre is the oldest theatre in the North-Kazakhstan region.

Going along Sutyushev Street in the city of Petropavlovsk you pass by two storey building where the furniture shop is located now. Today only few pay any attention to the fact that it was constructed 100 years ago for the theatre. It was the place where the drama theatre, established in the 1880s, developed.


Restored building of the theatre. It was erected in 1906

The theatre moved to a new building, which now located on Teatralnaya Square, only in December 1972.


It is known that over the period of its existence approximately 15 000 plays were produced in the Pogodin Russian Drama Theatre.

For the first time, the notifications about theatrical culture in Petropavlovsk appeared in the 1860s. The troupe staged 6 plays per year in the Cossack School, Fire Department, Merchants Club and Women School. However, the history of the theatre began in winter 1886-1887. That period was the most successful in the work of the musical and theatrical society. The cellar of the Women School was allocated for theatre performances.

From one theatrical season to another the number of visitors increased and the city administration took care of the building for it. In 1904, it launched the construction of the separate building for the theatre and fund-raising to do this. The new building was erected in 1906 by funds of city dwellers. It was situated on the corner of Teatralnaya and Krupskaya (now Poatanin) streets. It was made of red bricks.


The first building of the Drama Theatre, 1906

For the first time, the name of Nicolai Pogodin appeared on the poster of the theatre in 1934. Being a journalist of the Pravda newspaper he was engaged in literary activity. His plays were distinctive in their relevance, as well as a variety of events and situations. The theatre repeatedly worked with Pogodin’s dramatic compositions.

In the autumn 1962, the theatre was named after dramatist Nicolai Pogodin, Winner of the Lenin Prize.

When the Great Patriotic War started many actors went to the front and protected their Motherland. In autumn 1941, new actors, evacuated from other regions, arrived at Petropavlovsk. They worked much and hard. The theatre staged plays and concerts in recruitment offices, military units and hospitals. In total during the war years the theatre put on stage over 2500 concerts and 30 premiers.

Theatrical performances by plays of Kazakh dramatists became the separate direction in the theatre’s work. The theatre produced plays by M. Auezov, A. Abishev, G. Musrepov, N. Orazalin, S. Mukanov, and to name but a few.

Today the theatre still works and produces wonderful performances. It is actively involved in tours to different cities and welcomes guests — artists of republican and Russian theatres.

In 2007, the Pogodin Russian Drama Theatre celebrated its 120th anniversary. In this regard, the theatre building was restored.

The article is based on the materials of O. Vaytovich