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Masterpieces of first professional artists of Kazakhstan

 Masterpieces of first professional artists of Kazakhstan  - e-history.kz
On December 9 in National Art Gallery “Astana” the presentation of the hall of painting took place.

The National Art Gallery "Astana" was opened recently. Although, despite of this it certainly declared itself with the magnificent exhibitions, full of creative meetings and the most important with unique fund of works of arts. The gallery possesses a collection from more than 4 000 subjects of painting, graphics and crafts.

The oldest galleries, such as National gallery of arts of Washington, the National Gallery of London and the National Gallery of Berlin are known worldwide. The National Art Gallery "Astana" is the single gallery with similar scale in Kazakhstan. It has all opportunities to become one more business card of the capital and Kazakhstan.


In this photo are shown the autographs of founders of Kazakhstan fine arts and their followers, whose works are invaluable.

The works of first professional artists of Kazakhstan are shown in the hall’s exposition. Their works influenced on the base and development of school of the fine arts in our country. These are such glorified masters of painting such as N. Hludov, A. Kasteev, A. Ismailov, K. Hodzhikov, A. Cherkassky, P.Saltzman, A. Bortnikov, A. Galimbayeva, S. Aytbayev, Sh. Sariyev, Zh.Shardenov, M. Kenbayev and G. Ismailova.


Salikhitdin Aytbayev (1938-1994) “The grandfather with grandson” 


Nikolay Hludov (1850-1935) “A mountain landscape”. This painting is 114 years old 


Pictures of Nikolay Nasedkin (1918-1991) and Victor Krylov (1928-1978)

The works of these artists played a big role in origin of classical art of painting in Kazakhstan. Their works at the same time have both something in common and contrasting with each other.


Years of the Great Patriotic War, a raise of Virgin Land, Labors and reality of Soviet period are reflected in the works of the Kazakhstan professional painters. Thus, the 40-50th of the 20th century became time of creation of strong basis of technical skill.

The major part of exposition is mainly provided by painting of "people of the sixties". Their works carried on traditions of the prior masters, but at the same time is bright and original has developed in the fine art the new handwriting — national.


Kanafia Telzhanov (1927-2013) “On grandfathers’ land” 


Paintings of Aisha Galimbayeva (1917-2008)


Zhanatay Shardenov (1927-1992) "Autumn in mountains"

The generation of artists, who worked in the mid-60s and two subsequent decades, developed personal coloring, style and language. The works of artists of that time opened a broad range of the touched subject and genre variety from traditional landscape to city landscape, from historical multi-figured to single compositions. All of these are shown in the paintings of M. Kenbayev, B. Tabiyev, S. Aytbayev, S. Romanov, Zh. Shardenov, A. Galimbayeva, etc.

To see the masterpieces of Kazakhstan art you can visit National Art Gallery "Astana", which is open daily from 11.00 to 19.00.

On December 12, 2014, in the largest Art gallery of the country the events devoted to the 85th anniversary of famous artists Gulfayrus Ismailova will be held. Unfortunately, the master of the fine art of Kazakhstan passed away in 2013. G. Ismailova was the author of portraits of K. Bayseitova, D. Nurpeisova, A. Kasteev, M. Auezov, S. Mukanov, etc.