If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

"Uly dala dubіrі" an amazing historical example

"Uly dala dubіrі" an amazing historical example - e-history.kz
Only the ancestral heritage, the heritage and legacy of fathers as well as the edification will preserve the national values​​ and improve them.

  The reason for eternity of the universe is not to keep history in the depths of the centuries, but in the memory of generations. Only ancestral heritage, the heritage and legacy of their fathers as well as the edification will preserve the national values and improve them. In this matter, the special documentary “Kazakh history" - "Uly dala dubіrі", which is already liked by the audience, will be presented under the state order and under the leadership of the Republican Radio and Television Corporation "Kazakhstan". Scientific Adviser of the documentary, doctor of historical sciences, Professor Burkitbay Ayaganov.

  The effective use of modern cultural and technical technology made the historical paintings look impressive and informative:

  - Tribal unions on the territory of Kazakhstan, the political history of Saks - "Tribe of Saks," not only learned many kinds of farming through the development of the endless steppe, but also affected the prosperity of art and culture in the course of trade in the relationship between country and people in the Kazakh steppe from ancient times.

  - "State  Usuni" - they had a complex farming, they were located on Iliiysk plain, on the banks of the rivers Chu and Talas, tribe was differ from the others by farming and breeding of thoroughbred horses;

  - Society of the Huns and their interaction with Kanli, wave of migration of Huns – this described in series of "Huns of East and West";

  - Turk Empire and its ethnic and political base, about the ancient civilizations of the Turkic Khanate, which are located on the ground of Uysun – this described in series of "Turk Khanate";

  - A new period of development of the system of military heritage, the development of philosophical thinking – period of "Karahansk state";

  - Description of the era of the Mongol invasion to Kazakhstan, based on new historical data, an important period in the history of the development of Kazakh statehood of Ak Orda and Jhuchi, the understanding of close links of similar ethnic groups regarding economic relations, language, material and spiritual culture through foreign data - all of this is described in a series devoted to " Jochi People's";

  - The supposition and formation of political structure in the social, economic ethnical and political processes in the steppes of Eastern Deshti Kipchak, Semirechie and Turkestan, their development, and personal traits of the Kazakh Khanate – all of this is described in the series "the Kazakh Khanate."

  Real historical reality of people will still be based on the facts. Nevertheless, we are confident that the prototype of the history of the past years will remain in the minds of every viewer who has viewed the documentary. Historical example - through community and unity, the one who possess the temporary innovations will bring us to unified national values. In his message, the President stated: “It is very difficult to preserve the independence, rather than to achieve it". Yes, the idea of ​​“Mangіlіk EL" at a time when our country has achieved independence, the cherished dream of many centuries , it is important not to harm the sovereign national state. Welfare of the people is the most important thing. It is the way of further development of the Kazakh statehood on the international arena.

  The documentary was created by the well-known historians B. Komekov, K. Baypakov, Z. Kinayatuly, M. Eleuova, N. Muhamedzhanov, B. Karibaeva Z. Kabyldinov, and with the help of the expert opinions of other scientists and the scientists of the Institute of History of State.

  We also want to express our gratitude to the specialists who wrote the text, who described the documentary "Uly dala dubіrі", to the masters of theater arts and all of the participants. We wish that such works would be published in the future. "Uly dala dubіrі» will certainly be continued by the creative work.

Historical lesson obtained from the "Uly dala dүbіrі" is very extensive.

Leading Researcher

State Institute of History, Ph.D. Kundyzay ERIMBETOVA

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