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The people of Kazakhstan wants to run a national ornament in production

The people of Kazakhstan wants to run a national ornament in production - e-history.kz
Launch the national ornament in production. This has long been a dream of the resident of Arkalyk Shoptybay Baydild. Each pattern is a work of art and a national brand.

  A self-taught master has more than two thousand pieces of ornaments. Some of them were developed by himself, and others were collected over the centuries, reports 24.kz

  Each of them is a long-term creativity and hard work. The author does not hide his blanks and is willing to share them with all the people of Kazakhstan.

  Shoptybay Baydilda works with ornament for more than 30 years. Her grandfather taught her. A self-taught master has more than a half thousand pieces of national ornaments.

  Iran has its carpets as well as Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan. It is their national brand. Our Kazakh carpets of the same quality. We need to use more ornaments during their manufacture. We need to promote the national flavor. After all, if the economy and spirituality develop together, it is just wonderful. Thousands of pieces of ornaments are in my house and it is not good. In addition, the carpet Master offers to paint ornaments on wallpaper and tile. With the use of national ornaments, we could decorate the apartments of modern Kazakhs and any building in the country. He is trying to get attention of the government authorities for a few years now. There are no results. Now he hopes that exhibition EXPO will help.

  The upcoming exhibition EXPO-2017 will give us the opportunity to present our national, cultural and spiritual traditions. We could talk to the guests about the possibilities of the use of ornament in production. I am sure that many of them will be interested. Shoptybay presented his blanks of ornaments in Turkey and during the Olympic Games in 1996. The time will tell if there is a place for his works on Kazakhstan exhibitions.