If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The mass grave of the guards of Khan Kenesarywas discovered in the center of Astana.

According to experts, it is a unique object that has great importance for the history and culture of Kazakhstan.

 An old Muslim cemetery which is located near “Molodezhny” micro district has attracted the attention of scientists. There is a reason to believe, that it is the oldest extant cemetery in Akmola region. Thus, another confirmation of this fact was found and in general, it is a sensation.

According to Mukhit-Ardager Sydyknazarov, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Studies at the Eurasian National University named after Gumilev, a group of researchers who were studying the old cemetery in order to find some traces of soldiers of Kenesary Khan, found a tombstone with the inscription made ​​in Arabic script.

For the past two centuries, one part of the tombstone went under the ground, and therefore it is impossible to read the full text on the tombstone, said Sydyknazarov. As far as I know, there are no such tombstones left in Kazakhstan.

According to the liberal translation
made by him, the tombstone was installed in 1838, in the month of radjab, during the holy days of abstinence. In was made by a man named Sarmyrza at the expense of Kayyrolly Sarzhan uly. It is further reported, that there are about 50 zhasaul and 200 noble warlords resting in the grave, most of them accepted the death at the very young age.

The meaning of the inscription is related to the historical facts. In 1838, the army under the leadership of Kenesary was in the Akmola region. It is possible to assume that the remains of the soldiers who died in that period could be found here. However, the rebels left this region in September (in 1838, it was a month of Rajab).

According to Syzdyknazarov, this sacred place will become one of the historical monuments of independent Kazakhstan.