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From one to thousand: TWO

From one to thousand: TWO - e-history.kz
The words close in meaning to number ‘two’: even, double (twins), couple, paired (two-fold).

There are a number of expressions with the use of the number ‘two’ and its variations: Among two-legged — brothers-in-law are friendly, among four-legged — colts are friendly. When two camels touch each other, a fly between them dies. Two large eyes, two large humps is a camel. Do not make to say it twice, i.e. executes tasks immediately. Doubled it, i.e. increased well-being by hard economy; extended (doubled) use of something. Could not double a hand, i.e. increase. Can’t put together two words. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. Like white on rice. Keep pace with somebody or something. Barn door wide shoulders, i.e. broad shoulders. It cannot be repeated twice. Between two evenings, i.e. very fast. 

 Both eyes on the sky, i.e. not to notice. Both hands on the collar, i.e. take the cat by scruff of its neck, take by the scruff of the neck, use violence or coercion. One of the eyes, i.e. very close. One job for both hands. On each of two days, i.e. every other day. The sun shines through both ears, i.e. to be very thin. To run taking both lungs in hands, i.e. flee for dear life. The top does not reach the heavens only for two fingers, i.e. to be in seventh heaven from happiness. Sixty-two veins. With sixty-two tricks (cunning). Does not repeat twice. Does not make to repeat twice. 

 Does not allow to make even two steps. Two different. To bend double. To be at the parting of two roads. i.e. to hesitate. One second. In both worlds, i.e. in this world and the next. Double-sided, two-valued. Split into two parts. To breath from two shoulders, i.e. gasp for breath; to be out of breath from the fast walk (jogging, severe anxiety, weariness). With two patterns. Between two distances. Die twice. On each of two words. Two nice sons. Always be in pair, i.e. to be inseparable. Two thumbs. Digeneous. A pair of geese. With dual residence. Colon. A couple of words. A couple of handfuls. To get old in pair, i.e. to be happy with betrothed. Like a couple of lambs. Like twins. As one of the twins. No match for somebody. 

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