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Heritage of Serikbol Kondybay is studied in Mangystau region

Heritage of Serikbol Kondybay is studied in Mangystau region - e-history.kz
In the Mangistau region, a club was opened to study the heritage of Serikbol Kondybay

At the secondary school No. 3 of the Munayli district, the club for studying the life and creative heritage of a famous mythologist, linguist, historian and local historian Serikbol Kondybay opened its doors. He died at the age of 38, because of the accident he was confined to wheelchair; Serikbol Kondybay left a rich spiritual heritage - numerous studies of previously untouched layers of Kazakh mythology, historiography, linguistics, etc. Serikbol Kondybay's family took part in the opening of the club.

The initiator of the club's opening in the Munayli district was the teacher of geography of the rural school Kuat Bainazarov.

- The club will follow the main objectives outlined in the program article "Looking into the future: modernization of spiritual consciousness" - preserve and promote the history, culture and folklore. In his research Serikbol Kondybay used historical analogies and comparisons, language comparisons, all sorts of documents, knowledge of folklore. He viewed his work as an opportunity to serve his people, history, spirituality. I'm sure that the club for studying the rich heritage of Serikbol Kondybay will contribute to the formation of young patriots who want to continue scientist’s life-work, said Kuat Bainazarov.


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA