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Masters of art of Kazakhstan in Italy

Masters of art of Kazakhstan in Italy - e-history.kz
In November within the 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan and Days of Culture of Kazakhstan in Italy was conducted the tour of artists and artistic teams of the “Kazakconcert” in Italy

Concerts of the masters of art in Kazakhstan were carried out at famous concert halls in Italy – Piccolo Teatro Studio in Milano (12 November) and in Academia di Santa Cecilia in Roma (14 November).

As the head of “Kazakconcert” Saltanat Seydimbek noted the performance of Kazakhstan artists on the Italian scene give the opportunity to show the whole world the achievements and success of Kazakhstan for 25 years of the history of Independence.

“For 25 years of Independence our country under the direction of the Head of the state achieved a lot, great progress. Kazakhstan artists with their performance abroad increase the recognizability of our country, our rich, versatile culture, unique nature of national art. I am sure that these performances will contribute to the strengthening of cultural collaboration between two friendly countries”, shared her opinion Saltanat Seidimbek.

The program of performance will demonstrate the wealth and diversity of Kazakh traditional musical culture.

Preface to the concert “Melodies of the Great steppe” will develop the atmosphere of unique Turkic world. To the Kazakh folk music in the performance of folklore-ethnographic ensemble of “Kazakconcert” together with actors-batyrs of the theater of national costume “Arlan” (“Head of wolves pack”) to the spectators was given the opportunity to plunge into the history of the Kazakh steppe.

Concert program was also presented with the contribution of the bright representative of traditional song art Yerlan Ryskali, dance ensemble “Sholpan” (“Morning star”), singer Assel Karsybayeva.

The Italian public gained the unique possibility to see and enjoy the sounds of Kazakh folk instruments. Ayan Omarov performed on the ancient Kazakh national instrument kyl-kobyz kuy of Korkyt “Konyr”, and Anar Muzdakhanova, Beykadir Kaliyev and ensemble “Serper” brought joy to the guests of the evening with performance on the dombra of famous Kazakh musical compositions.

Talented singers of the academic direction: Aygerim Altynbek and Honoured activist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Azamat Zheltyrgunov sang not only the songs of Kazakhstan composers, but also the masterpieces of the Italian vocal music.

Italian spectators were introduced with Kazakh cuisine – guests of the evening could try national sweets and baursaks.


Press-service of the MCS RK

Translated by Malika MURSALIM