If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

On what means do historians live? History Teacher

On what means do historians live? History Teacher - e-history.kz
National Digital History Internet Project conducts the special questionnaire among professional historians on social-material wealth. Participate, share and pass Your opinion

The next participant of the questionnaire is a PhD Omir Shynybekuly.

My first specialty – an engineer. I finished KazCTI. In 1982-1995 years worked in the project institute. In 1995-2001 years was engaged with trade at the market. From 2001 to 2003 worked as a mechanic in southern branch of JSC “KazTransGas”. In 2004 yearbycorrespondencestudiedtobecomeahistorian. Since 2003 I am teaching history at the school-lyceum №41 in Shymkent city.

I am a History Teacher. Together with students we conduct the research works. It demands certain material expenses. From that work you get psychic income. Owing toit, Iissuedthebookofregionalcharacter. The Akim of oblast helped publish and distribute the work.

With the conduct of the presentation school helped much. The reception for guests I organized on my own. The general work experience - 34 years, from them 13 years I dedicated to pedagogic. Concerning the peculiarities, many heads are afraid of the seeking and persevering teacher could take off his place. I was tormented a lot. Eventually, I had to say directly that I am not interested in administrative positions. After that I calmly started my creative work.

The most complicated – at the competitions of scientific works of students the places aresold. If you don’t bribe you will not be awarded the certain nomination. So many talented students did not get recognition, so many hopeswere destroyed.

My average salary comprises 100 th tenge. In 2013 I finished the courses of the Ist level in Cambridge that’s why I get 100% of extra charge to my salary. If only not that salary it is difficult to imagine how I could live for 100 th tenge.

It is impossible to fix all the expenses. For instance, since 2005 we have dealt with research on the 102th division which got lost near Kharkov. It is difficult to say how much was spent. I visited many auls of the districts of Tolebi and Tulkubas. The main sum is spent for the road: tickets for bus, taxi, gasoline for cars of friends and relatives who agreed to help. Because the cost of the trip of the most distant auls is 700-800 tenge for one person, so for the way to and back - 1500 tenge if not to mention the food. In 2009 I spent my vacation pay only on photo cameras and voice recorder, the cheapest cost 80 th tenge. Internet at home – 6-7 th plus telephone… My family accepts that with understanding. If me and my wife only argued because of the expenses for trips, research, they could not be realized them into life.

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