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Interview with an outstanding artist A.Mukazhanov

Interview with an outstanding artist A.Mukazhanov - e-history.kz
The exhibition of a famous artist and jeweler Mukazhanov Amangeldy Zarubayevich opened at Military Historical Museum of Armed Forces.

Amangeldy Zarubayevich was born in Semey in 1953. He is a graduate of Alma-Ata State Theatre and Art Institute, Faculty of Decorative Art and has a number of regalia and merit, member of Artists Council of Kazakhstan, academician of Kazakhstan Arts Academy, member of Kazakhstan Designers Council, a Chevalier of Faberge Order of the highest degree, and participant of many republican and international exhibitions. 

 After opening ceremony, the artist shared a story of his professional career and described presented works on exhibition. 


 -What was the reason for you to choose a creative path? 

 -My grandfather, great grandfathers were craftsmen in arts and crafts. My grandmother wove and sewed. I also decided to become a man of creativity — an artist and a jeweler. As far back as I can remember, I have always been engaged in art like I was born with a pencil in my hands.


 ‘Makhambet’, 1999, silver, leather, acrylic


 ‘Tomiris’, 2005, oil on canvas 


'Tus', 2008, oil on canvas


‘Zhetisu torch’, aluminum, glass, wood, leather


 ‘Steppe legend’, copper, wood, enamel 

 -Do you consider yourself a universal master, because you cannot see such a variety of art types ranging from oil paintings to elegant rings on every exhibition?

 -I do not see universality in my works, as the basis of all applied art is drawing. For instance, the same saddle includes almost all types of art. A base of the saddle gives an extensive view and it is impossible to make a saddle without spatial thinking. You need to be a leather master to make leather pieces, a smith — to forge, a jeweler — to inlay, an embroiderer — to male leather embroidery. One person can master several types of skills in Kazakh art. It is impossible to allocate one skill from some, it is important to consider it as a whole. I chose several types at once. I see the whole picture, I can be engaged in graphics, metal, painting, sculpture, jewelry in different period, the last one is close to me, and probably it was passed on from my grandfather. I have a huge desire to engage in ceramics, but I have no time for it, not to mention sleep — I sleep only two hours a day.




 -How often do you conduct this kind of expositions, do you participate in exhibitions abroad?

 -This exhibition is the second large personal exhibition. I have participated in many exhibitions, for instance, I took 2nd place in the nomination ‘Decoration of the New Century’ in St. Petersburg. As to far-abroad countries, I participated in exhibitions and festivals of Italy, Germany, the USA and China. 

 -What is the source of inspiration for your works? 

 -I mostly gain inspiration from history and archaeology rather than from imagination or abstraction. Any art is based on history, archaeology, culture, life, rituals of people. For example, we mostly work with patterns, but why we do not bring innovations to our work as sayings, astrology or beliefs. Using above-mentioned in the manufacture of jewelry, we receive light, modern bracelets with a sense. You can also see earrings, pendants and rings among the jewelry. 

 -What is your contribution to the development of national art? 

 -As far as it is possible I make contribution to the preservation of our national culture, although it is necessary to think up something new. The exhibition is called ‘Steppe legend’ for a good reason- the steppe is vast, mysterious and full of legends and unsolved mysteries, these qualities of the steppe I wanted to show in my works. 

More than 200 jewelry and paintings are presented on the exhibition.

 — Thank you for interesting conversation and devoted time.