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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly


22 years ago on May 19 in Almaty solemn opening of the Banknote Factory

"Bright manifestation of economic independence of our country

- for the first time appeared in our capital “Tenge”

let it serve for the benefit of our people and future descendants"

N.A. Nazarbayev

In May 1992, the President issued a decree "On the creation of a printing plant of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan." In June 1993, the first in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan plant for the issuance of securities was launched.

The national currency - one of the attributes of state sovereignty and the introduction of the national currency was another step towards the economic and financial independence of Kazakhstan. It is with this historic event that the creation of the Banknote Factory is the only specialized printing enterprise in the country.

May 19, 1995, the grand opening of the Banknote Factory took place. President Nursultan Nazarbayev attended the event. This day was preceded by three difficult years to create a base necessary for the production of banknotes.

The first banknotes of "1", "3", "5", "10", "20" and "50" tenge denominations were issued at the enterprises of England, but the issue of banknotes abroad is economically unprofitable. The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan began to force the creation of its own banknote production base. The partner for the creation of a domestic enterprise for the issuance of banknotes was chosen by the famous company of Great Britain "Thomas De La Rue", with which they signed a contract for the supply of equipment and technology for the production of banknotes with a full production cycle.

In a short time, the Banknote Factory transferred all six first Kazakh banknotes. Neither the quality of the press, nor the timing of manufacturing, Kazakh specialists have not conceded to their British counterparts.

Since the opening of the Banknote Factory, banknotes were issued on their own printing base. In the following years, the Banknote Factory was equipped with unique equipment that allows producing products with a high level of artistic and polygraphic performance.

To date, the assortment of the Banknote Factory has almost all kinds of protective technologies and elements existing in the world. This is intaglio printing, printing elements combined on both sides of the print, paints with unique and specific protective and operational properties, holographic elements, all existing types of printed protected elements, unique numbering system.


At present, the Banknote Factory has a State license of the National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Securities for the production of forms of securities and the State license series AA and for the production of material objects with images of the National Flag and the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Now the Banknote Factory, in addition to banknotes, produces more than one hundred kinds of products - passports, certificates, diplomas, excise stamps for tobacco products, accounting and control stamps, blanks of bills, insurance poles, grain receipts, cotton receipts, checkbooks and much more. Among the protected products produced by the "Banknote Factory of the NBRK" there are also long-term orders of foreign countries. Specialists of the factory carried out design development and release of a sample of a new biometric (electronic) passport of a citizen of Kazakhstan.

The factory confidently acquires a reputation in the business world. Based on the results of the analysis of the activity of the enterprises of the post-Soviet space in 2003, constantly conducted by the company "Aquarius Earthmaker", the Banknote factory was awarded the "Earthmaker" award (in free translation: "the person who determines the face of the planet") in the nomination "Industry Leader". This award is a testament to the belonging to the community of leaders of various industries. At the IV International Forum "High Quality in Business", held in Geneva in 2004, the factory was awarded a gold medal "For an impeccable business reputation." At the III International Assembly of Quality held in Moscow in 2008, the Banknote Factory was awarded the "Golden Certificate of Quality".


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA