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Highlights of Kazakhstan sports (1991-2004)

Highlights of Kazakhstan sports (1991-2004) - e-history.kz
Chronicle of the major sports events in 1991-2016 years

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. During this period, our country reached incredible peaks in sports. Enumerating the achievements in sports, we mainly dwell on the successes of recent years, ignoring some no less successful years. It would be appropriate to recall the chronicle of those years. Portal E-history.kz offers you a chronicle of major sports events that took place in 1991-2016, respectively.

Let's run through the first sports achievements of our country since its independence.


Year 1991

1991 is remembered in the pages of the history of turbulent sports achievements of the USSR. Winning the national championship was equal to victory at the world championships. Kazakhstan gained independence in December 1991. That’s why, this year's sports events went down in history of the USSR. Important sports events in 1991 include the USSR Boxing Championship, held in the city of Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan. In these competitions Bolat Temirov from Atyrau became the champion of the USSR in the 52 kg weight, Abubakirov Bektas (48 kg), Camille Habibrahmanov (75 kg), Igor Shishkin heavyweight (91 kg) have won the silver medals. Nikolai Kulpin and Dapankulov won the bronze medals. The Association of Physical Culture and Sports of the disabled in Kazakhstan (the first chairman - Alevtina Fuchs) was organized in 1991. The main objective of the association's activities - the development of sports among the disabled and to bring the interests of Kazakhstan to the international arena.


Year 1992

Since 1992, the Republic of Kazakhstan began to take part in major international competitions. Sports victories and achievements of these years started a new page of sports of independent Kazakhstan. Let's look at the important achievements in sports in 1992. Sports in 1992 took place in the championship as "the United team" because after the collapse of the Soviet Union athletes from 15 republics of the USSR national team were in an uncertain situation. Republics’ Sports Management have not yet managed to determine their status.

The first major sports event of the "United Team" was held on 7-16 February 1992 in Russia. This day at the sports complex "Antey" in Tambov championship in boxing among CIS countries began. For the first time 236 boxers from 12 countries participated in the competition of the “United Team” and competed for the ticket to the Olympics in Barcelona. Kazakhstan national team, winning 4 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals in the overall standings with 11 medals was on the second place after Russia. Zhumadilov Bolat, Temirov Bolat, Camille Habibrahmanov, Arkady Topaev, Sultan Abdurazakov, Bektas Abubakirov, Maradek Zhusupov became prize-winners at this Olympics. In the championship of the “United Team” Mamyrov Maulen won a bronze medal in the weight category up to 52 kg. Almaty "Dynamo" in the CIS championship won third place in hockey in the team classification.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union athletes from former 15 Soviet republics united and entered the XXV Summer Olympic Games 1992 as the “United Team”. Thus, at the Summer Olympic Games in the Iberian Peninsula 12 former Soviet republics except the Baltic countries participated as one team. In these games, 5 Kazakh athletes became Olympic medalists. Among the athletes was a native of Pavlodar basketball player Irina Gerlitz. In the CIS volleyball team played two representatives of our country – Elena Chebukina and Tatiana Menshova from Karaganda. They won the silver medal. Also, the master of Greco-Roman wrestling Daulet Turlyhanov and Vladimir Vokhmyanin (bullet shooting) returned from Catalonia with bronze medals. In 1992, the Amateur Boxing Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan became a member of AIBA and joined the Asian continental association. In 1992 the Football Federation of Kazakhstan was founded. "Kairat" football team from Almaty became the first champion in the national championship.


Year 1993

In 1993, Kazakhstan's ice hockey team participated in the World Championship in Slovenia, the first champion of independent Kazakhstan was the team "Torpedo" from Ust-Kamenogorsk. In 1993 the first University Sports Federation in Kazakhstan was founded. This year, the Federation joined the FІSU, participated at the 16th Winter Universiade and our hockey team won a silver medal in the town of Zakopane in Poland.


Year 1994

Kazakhstan made his first appearance as a separate state in the XVII Winter Olympic Games on 12-27 February 1994 in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer and won 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals. These four medals went to skier Vladimir Smirnov. 4 medals of Vladimir helped Kazakhstan to stay on the 12th place in the team classification. On 2-16 October 1994 the XII Summer Asian Games were in Hiroshima in Japan. In these games, our athletes won 27 gold medals (77 medals total). In 1994, in Bangkok (Thailand) was the World Boxing Cup. In this competition, A. Topaev received a gold medal, Shagataev K. a silver and B. Niyazymbetov and V. Storm were awarded bronze medals. In 1994, Kazakhstan became a full member of FIFA.


Year 1995

On Alpiniad on the ascent to the peak of Abay at an altitude 4010 meters, held on 30 June 1995 in Almaty, Anatoly Bukreev was the personal trainer of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Then he participated in the Second and Third Kazakh Himalayan expedition to climb to eight thousand peaks - Manaslu and Cho Oyu. He alone conquered the eight thousand peaks of Lhotse, Shishabangma, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum II and became one of the strongest climbers in the world. On 5-13 August 1995 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg the World Athletics Championship was. In the competition, which was attended by about 1800 athletes from 191 countries, Kazakhstan won one silver medal. Olga Shishigina won a silver medal at the World Championship in running the 100 meters for women. In September 1995, the I World Army Summer Games were. Army Games were held in 17 sports. Armed Forces of Kazakhstan national team participated in these games by 125 sports and won 1 gold and 3 bronze medals. In the team classification they won the 18th place among 83 countries. At the World Championship in Berlin (Germany) in 1995 B. Zhumadilov was awarded a silver medal and V. Jirov a bronze medal.


Year 1996

At the XXVI Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996, Kazakhstan's national team participated for the first time and achieved excellent results, winning 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals and took the 24th place in the team standings. Gold Medal achieved Vassiliy Jirov (boxing), Alexander Parigin (pentathlon), Yuri Melnichenko (Greco-Roman wrestling), silver Anatoly Khrapaty (weightlifting), Sergei Belyaev (bullet shooting), Bolat Zhumadilov (boxing) and a bronze Maulen Mamyrov (freestyle wrestling), Bolat Niyazymbetov (boxing), Yermakhan Ibraimov (boxing), Vladimir Vokhmyanin (bullet shooting). Kazakhstan for the first time took part in the Asian Winter Games in 1996. In the III Asian championship in the Chinese city of Harbin, Kazakhstan athletes won 14 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze medals and took second place in the team standings. Kazakhstan hockey-players won the gold medal in the Asian Championship.

Year 1997

In 1997, in the Hungarian capital Budapest was World Boxing Championship, where E. Ibraimov won a silver and B. Zhumadilov a bronze medal.


Year 1998

In the XVIII Winter Olympic Games, held in Nagano in 1998, Kazakhstan won 2 bronze medals. The owners of these medals are skiers Vladimir Smirnov and skater Lyudmila Prokasheva. XIII Summer Asian Games held on 6-20 December 1998 in the capital of Thailand Bangkok. 6554 athletes from 41 Asian countries competed in 26 sports. Kazakhstan in these games won 24 gold, 24 silver, 30 bronze medals and placed fifth in the team standings.

Year 1999

In the Winter Asian Cup 1999, held in Changwon (South Korea), our hockey-players showed a great game. This time, Kazakh athletes won 10 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals and took third place after China and South Korea. At the World Boxing Championship in Houston (USA) B. Zhumadilov was awarded a gold medal, Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov won a silver and E. Ibraimov a bronze medal.


Year 2000

Sydney Olympics in 2000 was the star for the sports of Kazakhstan. At the XXVII Summer Olympics Kazakh athletes won 22nd place among 199 countries. Boxers Bekzat Sattarkhanov, Yermakhan Ibraimov and athlete Olga Shishigina became the Olympic champions. Bolat Zhumadilov, Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov (boxing), A. Vinokurov (cycling), I. Bayramukov (wrestling) won silver and bronze medals.


Year 2001

3-12 August 2001 in the Canadian city of Edmonton the World Athletics Championship was held. For the first time in the world the competition was attended by 1766 athletes from 200 countries. Kazakhstan team won only one bronze medal. Sydney Olympic champion Olga Shishigina won bronze in the 100m.


Year 2002

In 2002, in the Swedish capital Stockholm was historic for the Kazakh football UEFA Congress. Kazakhstan Football Union was officially accepted into the European Football Association. From 29 September to 14 October 2002 in Busan (South Korea) XIV Summer Asian Games were held. In these games, participated 7711 athletes from 44 Asian countries. Kazakhstan national team, winning 20 gold, 26 silver, 30 bronze medals, climbed to fourth place in the team classification. In 2002, in Salt Lake City (USA) the XІX Winter Olympics were held. They gathered 2390 athletes from 77 countries. Kazakhstan athletes at this Olympics did not win any medals.


Year 2003

In the Japanese city of Aomori, the V Winter Asian Games were held. Kazakhstan's national team in this competition won 7 gold, 7 silver and 6 bronze medals. At the world championship in Bangkok (Thailand) in 2003, G. Jafarov and G. Golovkin won gold medals.


Year 2004

In 2004 in Athens at the XXVIII Summer Olympics among eight awards the only winner of the Olympic Games from Kazakhstan became the boxer Bakhtiyar Artayev. Gennady Laliev (wrestling), George Tsurtsumiya (Greco-Roman wrestling), Gennady Golovkin (boxing), Sergey Filimonov (weightlifting) won silver medals, Serik Eleuov (boxing), Mkhitar Manukyan (Greco-Roman wrestling), Dmitry Karpov (athletics) won the bronze. As a result of the games Kazakhstan was on the 40th place among 202 countries.


To be continued…

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