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Patterns of everyday life

Patterns of everyday life - e-history.kz
The fund exhibition «Patterns of everyday life» is held in the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«Museum collection» new museological programme presents only a small part of collections of the Museum of the First President, systematized in a thematic complex of the interior — it is an important part of culture of people’s lives. 


The peculiarity of collections of the Museum of the First President is that they are formed from the gifts presented to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarbayev as respect to the country, its people for the activity of Kazakhstan on the international scene aimed at the development of neighborliness and cooperation around the world. 

The presentation of collections and separate exhibits as a result of permanent, system work of Museum staff makes one of the important directions of «Museum collection» programme. This unique collection of the most various highly artistic examples of culture, creativity of people of the world has a large information resource. The visitors will be able to see the series of the exhibitions visualizing our ideas of cultural variety of the world. 


The ideas of international peace and harmony are the integral component of «Mangilik El» national idea of Kazakhstan formulated by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan — Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev.

 «... The friendship between the people was never something abstract for me. It always is expressed in simple human feeling of a love to the people of other nationality leaving one with your life, thoughts and cares ...», President says. 

The exposition of «Patterns of everyday life» exhibition is placed in three halls of the Museum and has both classical museum furniture scenes, and separate objects («patterns») which strongly entered our consciousness as certain symbols of a daily esthetics. 

The fragments of different collections of the Museum recreate an interior mosaic as an important element of material and spiritual culture of mankind. Nowadays Museum is placed in the first Residence of the President, and the furniture of its halls became the organic part of the exposition. The exhibits from several museum collections are presented on their background: «fine art collection», «goods made of precious metals and precious stones», «collection of souvenirs», «goods of material culture», «carpets and felt goods», «house ware», «clothes». The furniture scenes of the exposition will acquaint with the elements of culture of everyday life of people of the Caucasus, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia, the countries of the Muslim East. 

This exhibition only sets the tone and the direction of the following exhibitions of «Museum collection» programme which will annually present to the guests of Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan its unique collections and several exhibits.