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Sensational finds from the necropolises Shilikti and Kyrykungir returned to EKR

 Sensational finds from the necropolises Shilikti and Kyrykungir returned to EKR - e-history.kz
Unique artifacts from the excavations of previous years were delivered to East Kazakhstan Region in International Museum Day.

Previously rare things were kept in the republican laboratories and museums. You can see collection of bronze objects, bone and stone, finds from the necropolises of Shilikti, Berel, Kyrykungir, Aksuat among the exhibits. 


 There are over 700 returned artifacts in the exhibition «Heritage of ancestors» in the Regional Historical Museum, which is held by annual action «Night at the museum». 

 As noted by the museum staff, each delivered exhibit plays an important role in the study of history of ancient societies that inhabited the territory of the region.

 A large collection of bronze objects, pottery, bones and stone, sensational finds from the necropolises of Shilikti, Berel, Kyrykungir, Aksuat were presented in the exhibition «Heritage of ancestors». All findings give evidence to the functioning of distinct culture on the territory of the region, which preserved archaic elements of different eras.

 Deputy Akim of the region Zhaksylyk Omar visited the exhibition and congratulated the staff of Regional Historical Museum on their professional holiday. 

 -We celebrate this holiday every year and I want to mention that in particular, we started to hold this action «Night at the museum» for the first time. Now it is popular in all regions in central museums of Kazakhstan. At the initiative of akim of the region, we implement Archaeology Development Program. In the framework of this program, we return archaeological monuments that were previously kept in other laboratories and museum. It is important for us. Each exhibit keeps history of our small homeland, East Kazakhstan, — Zhaksylyk Omar said. 

 Also Deputy Akim got acquainted with the sections presented in the framework of the action «Night at the museum». 

We will remind that at the initiative of akim of East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov, large-scale archaeological research are held with the assistance of leading archaeologists of Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Australia. Archaeology Development Program includes 5 objects. These are burial grounds of Berel, Shilikti, Kyrykungir, Kyrykoba, Eleke sazy, the fortress-monastery Ablaikit. Excavations will begin this summer.