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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Exhibition “Restored artifacts”

Exhibition “Restored artifacts” - e-history.kz
The opening of exhibition “Restored artifacts” dedicated to International Museum Day was held at National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Preservation and restoration of historical monuments and museum treasures is a specific field of museum work and along with high professionalism requires exceptional patience.


 Director of National Museum Darkhan Mynbay:

 “We have Department of Preservation and Restoration and Laboratory of Preservation and Restoration, it is the basis of our museum. We should be careful with our exhibits. There is no less or more important exhibit. Each of them has an important place in the museum. We have to work for them and these exhibits will work for the benefit of our people, consciousness of people, improvement of culture and education”. 


Service of Preservation and Restoration exists more than two years and over 500 exhibits have been restored during this time. Specialists of the Service carry out preservation and restoration of cultural values on valuable cultural artifacts on painting, drawing, pottery, felt, textile, wood, leather, bone and metal. 


Jewelry, household items made of wood, leather and metal, clothes, carpet-felt and porcelain items including the bracelet of XIII-XII centuries BC, a trough, grain bruiser, holy books Quran, paintings of famous artists, bags, dishes and tapestry of XX century will be among the exhibits.