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The history of formation of non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan

The history of formation of non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan - e-history.kz
The documentary chronicles of the formation and development of non-ferrous industry of Kazakhstan were presented for the first time on the exhibition “History of formation of non-ferrous metallurgy in


The documents from the Archive of the President of the republic of Kazakhstan and Central State Archive of the country were presented on the exhibition in Ust-Kamenogorsk of East Kazakhstan region. Solemn opening of the exhibition was held at D.Serikbayev East-Kazakhstan State Technical University. 

 According to the organizers, the aim of the exhibition on archival sources, museum exhibits and materials of the leading enterprises of non-ferrous industry of the region, to show the history of the formation and role of the non-ferrous industry in the industrial development of the region, its heroic past and present achievements and success in the field of economics. 

 Non-ferrous metallurgy is the oldest industry of Kazakhstan. Almost 250 years since its origin, it has passed a path from the first exploration expeditions to large-scale exploration and integration of the industry into a single scheme of industrial-innovative economic growth of the state.

 -Holding such exhibition is a very significant event for the region. East Kazakhstan is the homeland of non-ferrous metallurgy of the country. Currently, mining and metallurgical complex of the region plays an important role in the formation of macroeconomic indicators. Such famous enterprises as «Kazzinc» JCS, «Ust-Kamenogorsk titanium magnesium plant» JCS, «Vostoktsvetmet» LLP are the flagships of the national industry,-noted Deputy Akim of the region Zhaksylyk Omar. 

 Director of the Archive of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Boris Zhaparov, rector of the university Zhasulan Shaimardanov also took participation in the opening of the exhibition. During the exhibition you can get acquainted with the documentary chronicle of formation and development of non-ferrous industry of Kazakhstan by the documents of the Archive of the President of RK, Central State Archive of RK, Central State Archive of cinema-photo documents and sound recordings, State Archive of East Kazakhstan region. In particular, the Archive of the President keeps unique evidences of the recent history of Kazakhstan. 

These are documents that reveal history of the formation and development of non-ferrous metallurgy in XX century. The rapid development of mineral resources of the country happened at this historic time. The materials about it since 1845, the part of which is presented on historical-documentary exhibition are preserved in the funds of state archives (Archive of the President of RK, CSA RK, CSA CPD SR, SAEK). 

In addition, the exhibits, models of the leading enterprises of non-ferrous industry in the region were presented on the exhibition. In the framework of the opening of the exhibition, leading scientists and experts in the field of non-ferrous industry of Kazakhstan gathered at the round table shared their experience in the development of metal industry. It is worth noting that East Kazakhstan takes the second place in the country in the development of metal industry.