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Man’s best friend

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If the police, defenders of security have a weapon as their protection, then cynologists have a dog. This time we got acquainted with the cynologists

According to Kazakh beliefs, the dog is one of the seven treasures, and those who understand the language of dogs, for whom they are comrades we call the "cynologist". Cynologists begin to teach them when they are puppies. In order to get acquainted with one day work of dog specialists, we went to the cynological center of the Department of Internal Affairs of Astana. We were met by the employee of the center, the senior inspector of the group for the search of narcotic substances, the captain of police Dauletov Rauan Akhanovich. So began our journey into the world of cynology.

Cynology is one of the directions of the police service. The Dog Training Center has been working since 2005. The main difference from other law enforcement professionals - we disclose the crime with the help of dogs. In our center there are 4 dog breeds, these are German and Belgian Shepherds, Labrador, and Spaniel. Among them, the most actively used are the Belgian Shepherds. In general, cynology consists of several directions, on them we prepare dogs:

1) Dogs for the search for explosive substances, ammunition, weapons;

2) Dogs for the search for narcotic substances;

3) Odorology - dogs for distinguishing smells;

4) Detective dogs;         

5) Dogs for attack.

In recent years, the sphere of cynology began to develop in Kazakhstan. Today in the country, no event passes without specialists - cynologists, without the assistance of their dogs, especially events in public places, with a large number of people. In addition, during the investigation of any crime, specially trained dogs are used; with their help the further course of action is determined. And as for the specialists, in our country there are several educational institutions and special centers that train specialists-cynologists. Besides, in Almaty there is a cynological center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs where young experts in the beginning pass courses on advanced training. And only after that they are allowed to work with dogs, and then they are not immediately allowed to the experienced dogs, at first they are given young and obedient dogs. Training of specialists consists of two parts, first theoretical, then practical. Together with the cynologists their dogs also train. In our center there are 46 employees. Of these, 8 employees are on duty. The remaining 36 people - the inspectors, dog specialists and junior inspectors-cynologists. From the above directions we work in the main three directions, each department has a designated senior inspector, each inspector has his own team and dogs, and they work according to the approved instructions, that is:

1. Drug business;

2. Search for explosives;

3. Detective work.

Advanced training of specialists of any field is a requirement of time in the modern world. We are constantly upgrading our qualifications, the main base center is in Almaty, every specialist passes courses every three months, that is 4 times a year, and this is sufficient experience for specialists. To date, the specialty of the cynologist is very popular, due to this, the requirements have become tougher. Before hiring a specialist, we thoroughly study his biography and work experience. The specialist-cynologist has two basic requirements.

First, it is man’s attitude towards the dog, finding a common language, the ability to work with the dog.

Secondly, the psychological preparedness of a person, however, this requirement is put both before the police and before the military.

Of course, along with strict requirements, special events and competitions are held in order to improve the qualifications and the degree of specialists, besides this there is an exchange of experience, exhibitions of dogs, where dog breeds are revealed. For example, recently our specialists visited Austria, where they exchanged experience with fellow cynologists. And they were also here. The last two years our specialists have been training there on an ongoing basis.

What about dogs? What do they pay attention to when selecting dogs, where do they get them from? Previously, dogs were brought from abroad, and recently they started breeding in our country. For example, here is this - the Belgian Shepherd named Vector was born here, we train him from an early age. To date this dog is one of the strong dogs on the attack. When selecting dogs, they are also presented with requirements, as well as a specialist-cynologist. The main requirement for a dog is the stability of the nervous system, because there are different situations, and it must withstand any tests. In dogs, as well as in humans, psychological temperaments are divided into choleric and melancholic. For these temperaments, they are divided into groups and trained. For example, for the attack the dog needs a steady psyche, because during a sudden situation, a gunfight she never stepped back. We train dogs being puppies. One more condition - the dog should like to play. In dogs that search for explosives, the character must be calm, because when searching for explosives, first of all, it must be cautious, sensitive. And when looking for drugs, on the contrary, she should seek without stopping.

Training of dogs usually begins with dressing of the dog-collar and training to the hand, we train to mutual understanding with a specialist, to communicate with each other. Training is conducted daily, because the dog should be ready always and to any situation. Another important condition for a dog is the ability to listen, to follow the requirements of a cynologist without incident. In practice, the dog is tamed for 20-30 days. Dogs undergo a timely examination, veterinary examination. Dogs that leave the registration are given to the nursery or those who wish to take them to their families. According to statistics, the dog serves for 8 years.

Further, the conversation continued with the inspector-cynologist Dauylbayev Ussen Sheraliyevich, in this sphere he has been working for 8 years.

Since childhood, I've loved dogs. You could say I grew up playing with them. After growing up, I learned that there is such a specialty, and decided to go. Our service is full of dangers, but at the same time it is interesting. Our main weapon is a dog. You can say that the dog is your friend, your weapon. In a dangerous situation, the dog saves you, and sometimes you save the dog. It all depends on how you teach the dog. During the service we experienced many events. If my memory serves me, then 2 years ago, in 2015, there was a message about the disappearance, kidnapping of a little girl in the city. We arrived at the designated place, before us, police officers carried out operational search works, but did not find any traces, and then we took the clothes of the girl she had been wearing recently, gave a sniff to the dog and went in search. After a while, the dog took a trace and found her by the smell. And there are many such examples.

And I want to advise young people who want to choose a profession of a cynologist in the future, most importantly - to find a common language with a pet and to achieve its obedience, and for this it is necessary to love dogs, it is necessary to understand their desires. There must be mutual understanding and mutual communication, in an emergency situation, she must understand by gesture. Next to me the dog is a master of his craft, the Belgian Shepherd Vector. We are well aware of each other, rely on each other. Today she is one of the vigilant dogs of the center. I do not know exactly how much crime Vector uncovered, how many committed heroic deeds for the sake of security, but I'm sure that his achievements are weighty. Speed ​​and vigilance are the main components of our service. Interesting information, people who often spend time with dogs for 5-6 years, live longer than ordinary people. In addition, working with dogs is a powerful antidepressant. From daily work, fuss, it happens that nerves get tired, and in this case our medicine is a dog. Walk with the dog and we forget about all the adversities. I am proud of the specialty that I chose from my childhood and I would like to see the help of dogs useful only in a peaceful life.

So this ended our acquaintance with the everyday life of people who found a common language with the dog and use them in their service.

We know that even before the advent of cynology our ancestors, Kazakhs appreciated dogs - tazy, kumay (greyhound), as true friends, were estimated higher than gold. On this occasion, the Kazakhs say "the dog - the eyes and ears of his owner", etc. In this case, we wish good luck in their difficult service to cynologists and their clever dogs.


Translated by Raushan MAKHMETZHANOVA