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First steps towards recognition

First steps towards recognition - e-history.kz
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October 30, 1991, the President of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev was on an official visit in the UK and met with the Prime Minister George Major.

During the meeting the international situation, the future of the Soviet Union and western assistance in carrying out reforms in the Soviet Union, as well as the relationship between the UK and Kazakhstan were discussed. The Prime Minister and the President welcomed the changes taking place in the relationship between the West and the Soviet Union, which are currently based on cooperation rather than confrontation. They agreed that it was necessary to create a new partnership based on universal values such as peace, democracy and respect for human rights. George Major informed N.A. Nazarbayev about assistance that the UK, the EU and their partners in the economic summit gave to facilitate the reform process in the Soviet Union. Nazarbayev familiarized the Prime Minister with the measures taken by his government to achieve economic liberalization in Kazakhstan. Both sides noted that western aid could play an important role there, but it would bring long-term benefits only if it was accompanied by deep reforms in the Soviet Union, including a reduction in defense spending.

George Major and N.A. Nazarbayev recognized the fundamental importance of human rights, including respect for the rights of national minorities. They also agreed to promote the establishment of individual contacts, providing the citizens of Great Britain and Kazakhstan to exercise the right of free movement. The hope for the future development of relations in the field of culture, art, science, education, environmental protection measures, sports, information and tourism was expressed.

It was emphasized that the development of trade between Kazakhstan and Great Britain is of great importance. Joint ventures and investment from outside will play a particularly important role in the development of the huge natural resources of Kazakhstan. The partners agreed to encourage such enterprises. George Major promised to provide the Kazakh Republic resources from the technical assistance fund "know-how".

In London, there were negotiations about the development of oil and gas resources of Atyrau and West Kazakhstan regions, in particular, the largest field Karachaganak. President of Kazakhstan also managed to obtain the consent of the British bankers of Barclays Bank and Bank Morgen Grenfel to participate in the training of national cadres banking and the provision of advice to the Government of the Republic in carrying out market reforms.

From this information news, we can make one important conclusion. N.A. Nazarbayev embarked on the independent foreign policy course, meeting with the leaders of many countries in the world. The newspaper "Financial Times" noted that the President of Kazakhstan, one of such politicians in the USSR, who is the object of attention because he is one of the first who make the transition to a free market economy, the country is rich in natural resources and possesses nuclear weapons. A few of these important meetings took place in October 1991. In mid-October 1991 was a visit of the Foreign Minister of Germany H.D. Genscher. October 22, 1991, N.A. Nazarbayev received the PRC Ambassador to the USSR Yu Hongliang, at his request. October 25, 1991 the government of Kazakhstan met with the delegation of the French company "Elf Aquitaine" for draft contract of search, exploration and output of oil in the Aktobe region. The meeting in London, described above, was held. In late October 1991, in Alma-Ata held the Days of Belgium in Kazakhstan organized by the Belgian Ambassador to the USSR Thierry de Gryuben. Within the framework of the activity meetings of the Prime Minister of the Republic S.A. Tereshchenko with Vice-President of Kazakhstan E.M. Asanbayev were held.




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