If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

“Kazak alemi”. Ethnic village under the open sky

 “Kazak alemi”. Ethnic village under the open sky - e-history.kz
The main idea in the planning of the complex was an interweaving of historical authenticity (yurts, household items) with modern style constructions (stages, pavilions, and tents)

Historical-ethnographic, cultural and entertainment complex «Kazak alemi» is the ensemble exposition under the open sky revealing the peculiarities of the unique civilizational system which was formed for thousands of years on the territory of Kazakhstan. These are all kinds of amusements that carry both entertaining and informative functions.


 All main periods of people’s development since the Bronze Age are reflected in the open composition. It allowed visitors to feel the historical continuity of life on the territory of Kazakhstan. 



The main idea in the planning of the complex was an interweaving of historical authenticity (yurts, household items) with modern style constructions (stages, pavilions, tents and leisure-time entertainment). The unity of these two directions should help to create a visible image of the steppe culture. 


Zhalauly naiza (a spear with the banner) is selected as the main style-forming decorative element of the Park of the First President and the city. The composition created from a spear, a shield and a flag created an atmosphere of simplicity and determination upward. «El-production» JSC carried out all organization work on the complex «Kazak alemi». It is a company from Almaty specializing in conducting of large scale cultural and international events. 


Tents, a playground of felt products «Altyn saka», a heaven yurt (carts) «Kok kuime», an installation «Dulyga», relief picture «The world of the Scythians-Sakas», a central stage «Ak shatyr», an alley «The power of fire», an installation-maze of stones with rock engravings «Speaking stones», an installation «The voice of winds», a stage metaphor «The wheel of history», crafts fair as well as thematic villages of hunters, craftsmen, lumbermen, saddlers, jewelers and tailors. 


The traveling museum exposition «Zhadiger», fair-exhibition of the national applied art and master classes of craftsmen, competitions on the national games and Kazakh sacral poetry «A life in folklore», the program of nomadic circus, an interactive educational program «Kiiz kumbezder», a historical costume show «From the Sakas to Kazakhs», an educational program with the Nomad’s weapon and armor demonstration «Er karuy-bes karu» are included in the program of cultural events. The leading folklore-ethnographic ensembles and artists of the country will take participation in the concert program. 

Ambulance station for accidents and catering are located around the perimeter of the park. Professional animators worked on all sites of the complex.