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The Head of the State N.A.Nazarbayev has attended an opening of the archaeological park

The Head of the State N.A.Nazarbayev has attended an opening of the archaeological park - e-history.kz
Besides the museum under the open sky, the territory of historical and cultural complex includes the public garden “Mynbulak”, square (composition) “Melodies of Taraz” and an observation tower

The opening of archaeological park «Ancient Taraz» was held in the days of anniversary celebrations. The Minister of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly and Deputy akim of the region Erkanat Manzhuov met the guests.


 The artifacts found during the archaeological works on the territory of the historical and cultural complex were presented to the public for the first time. There you could meet archaeologists working on the project and to find out more information about found artifacts. So guests got acquainted with the process of archaeological work. 


The Head of the State N.A.Nazarbayev has attended an opening of the archaeological park. There are deputies of the Senat and Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, ministers and heads of national companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, public figures, the representatives of clerisy, veterans, deputies of the regional maslikhat and representatives of universities were among the invited guests to the ceremony of opening of complex.





 The object is a historical monument of the national importance. Besides the museum under the open sky, the territory of the historical and cultural complex includes the public garden «Mynbulak», square (composition) «Melodies of Taraz» and an observation tower. The total cost of construction of the complex is 2,5 billion KZT. The main objective of the project is the creation of the new national cultural brand «Ancient Taraz» by its inclusion to the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. It is expected that the complex will contribute to the development of tourism of the region and country as a whole, also it will be a good presentation of historical and cultural heritage of Kazakhstan for foreign guests of the international exhibition EXPO-2017. Research works on the territory of the archaeological park will continue till 2017 year. 


«As it is commonly known, there was a central park on the territory of the historical and cultural center "Ancient Taraz". We relocated it out of the city and constructed a number of objects with the help of sponsors. For instance, the entrance arch was given to Taraz by Almaty and Astana presented an observation tower, garden park „Mynbulak“ with the cost 98 million KZT — is a gift to Taraz from West Kazakhstan. The construction of Friendship House is in the process. It will be finished by the end of the year and the citizens will have a wonderful recreation area. The construction of the unique museum in Taraz cost 1 billion KZT to the Republican budget. Archaeological excavations in Taraz are in the process, but the first finds — pottery, coins, women’s and men’s jewelry suggest that Taraz has 2000-year history»-said the Head of Energy and Housing-utilities management of Taraz Ergali Sherbayev