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Zhusupbek Aymautov. Last years of his life

Zhusupbek Aymautov. Last years of his life - e-history.kz
In 1935, the appointment of Goloshikin to the power intensified the situation with repression in Kazakh SSR.

Zhusupbek Aymautov was repressed almost the first from among representatives of the advanced Kazakh intelligentsia.

The investigation began in 1929 and lasted for a year, at the same time there was no evidence in charges.


In the book of Tursyn Zhurtbay “My motto — Alash” there is a detailed description of charges brought to Zh. Aymautov:

“1. In 1921-1922, in Tashkent and Orenburg he created the confidential counterrevolutionary organization for overthrow of the Soviet power.

2. He participated in revolt of basmachy of Central Asia and sought to establish military group, thus, wanted to separate Kazakhstan from the Russian Empire.

3. He used the commission on assistance starving people for carrying out propaganda to overthrow of the Soviet power.

4. He carried out the propaganda directed against dispossession rich men. He agitated them on armed revolt.

5. He secretly had communication with England.

6. He was accused of having committed attact on Goloshekin with attempt of shooting — the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan”.

On July 29, 1929 the investigation of case of Zh. Aymautov was completed. Zhusupbek was sent to Moscow. Few other people were transferred together with him, but they had to stay apart from each other. Aymautov was accused according to 2, 8, 10 and 11points of the 58th article. He was sentenced to execution.


Zhusupbek Aymautov with his daughter Muza

“In the fall of 1929 of my father was taken away”, — said Muza (Marua), the daughter of Zhusupbek. “Both my father and mother cried: “Now it was unknown, whether we will meet...” My mother wrote complaints to all, but without any results. And at the end of 1931 we received the letter from Nadezhda Krupskaya came. In that letter she wrote: “From now you should not worry, as your spouse is no longer alive. I personally checked it” (Z. Akyshev, K. Zhuken. “Shalkar”, October, 1990)”.

After Zhusupbek Aymautov was sent far from the native earth, the investigation over him continued a whole year. However, during the investigation any evidence, which could confirm his fault, was not found. “I got acquainted with charge brought to me. However, I do not consider myself guilty”. It was the last things written by the Zhusupbek Aymautov. He lived only 41 years.


Last photo of Zhusupbek Aymautov

Thus, in 1929 Zhusupbek Aymautov was arrested on a charge of communication with the nationalist organizations in the territory of Kazakh SSR. On April 4, 1931 Zh. Aymautov was sentenced in absentia to execution, and on April 21 of the same year the strict sentence was carried out.


Certificate of Aymautov's justification

According to the report of the Federal Security Service of Russia, Zhusupbek Aymautov together with other people, who also undergone to persecution, was buried in a mass grave in Vagankovo.