If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Personality of Nursultan Nazarbayev on the time scale

Personality of Nursultan Nazarbayev on the time scale - e-history.kz

Coming out of yesterday’s Soviet system, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has brought a new era trends relevant changes in the spirit and mind of the nation and not only managed to lead the country in accordance with the processes of time, but also gave the movement dynamics, becoming a truly national leader. So, how to weigh the historic contributions and historical role of the founder of our modern state?
Kazakh people… formed at the turn of 14th -15th centuries, first began to establish an independent state. M. Haidar Dulati wrote: «After the death of his descendants Abulhair brought strife among them and had a lot of disagreements. Some of them for their own well-being and security gathered around Kerey and Janibek Khans. Initially forced to flee, separated from all they have suffered poverty and were cautious lifestyle, for which they have been called «ћazaћ." This nickname stuck behind them».
Prominent Russian scientist-orientalist 19th century v. Velyaminov-Zernov in his major study related to Kasim Khan says the leading role of the two major figures — Khans Kerey and Janibek in unification of the Kazakh people, referring to the book «Tarikhi Rashidi» not doubting the veracity of the facts.

In the Shakarim Kudaiberdiev’s book and the works of famous historians such as B. Akhmetov, K. Pishulina and T. Sultanov written that the Kazakh Khanate was formed in 1455–1465. A Kinayatuly in his book «The Kazakh state and historical research Jochi Khan» sums it up: «This step Janibek and Kerey in 870 Hijra year (1465–1466) ended with the capture of the great event of the Kazakhs in their hands the political power and the new show banner Acorda». Thus, the Kazakh Khanate was fully developed in 1455–1471.

In the Soviet period, Kazakhstan had state attributes, but it did not have the status of the state. Kerey and Janibek Khans failed to reach the dream of a separate, sovereign state. Jungar-Kalmyk invasion shattered the Kazakhs, and they could not unite which led to recourse Russia, and eventually became her subjects. But, be that as it may, people got a chance to save their nation.

First steps in establishment of Kazakhstan as an independent state was taken during the Soviet power. People went through the thorns, figuratively speaking, «died a thousand times, a thousand times resurrected," and, as he said Nursultan Nazarbayev, «the whole history of the Kazakhs had a history of unification».

Some people consider that the independence and sovereignty was «brought to us on a plate». Experts say and write about how the crash and came to the collapse of the mighty Soviet Union and its seemingly indestructible society. At the heart of this process there is the growth of national consciousness and national patriotism. Therefore, the yield of the Baltic countries from the Soviet Union, Kazakh uprising of students in 1986 in Kazakhstan and other events led to the tear rotten system.
As a result, we have come not only to establish an independent Kazakh state, but also to raise the status of the Kazakh people as forming a nation state. Former Greek Prime Minister, decedent General Ioannis Metaxas said: «The ideas of Ataturk in peacetime prove his strength of mind and intelligence." Today the world’s major policies is praised Nazarbayev and put it on a par with Ataturk. Indeed, for some 20 years — a moment for the history-Nazarbayev held major economic and political reforms, put into practice the dream Abylay unforgettable. Kazakhstan refused from nuclear weapons.

Delimitation and demarcation of borders with Russia, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan ratified by the parliaments of these countries and made legally, was conducted. On the world map for the first time there was a state «Republic of Kazakhstan». Decide their fate in their own country, with its constitution, anthem, coat of arms and flag of the Kazakh people during the reign of Nazarbayev rose from his knees and began to flourish. And this is historical truth. Former U. S. President George W. Bush, highlighting the name of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of the leaders of the CIS, said: «He is able to foresee the future». Would have been said about him, the leader of world powerful country, if he had not seen in the leader of the young state, a strong spirit and farsightedness of politician. Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher Iron Lady called Nursultan Nazarbayev one of the five most prominent politicians of today, pointing out: «Nazarbayev — a person does not fit into the framework».Is this not an admission of Nazarbayev and his historical contribution to the formation of the Kazakh state.

English novelist, publicist, master of political biographies Mr. J. Aitken, explaining the reason for his interest in Nazarbayev and writing his biography, said: «His life… is closely intertwined with the fate of the people… it is of interest and activities of the hero as a politician, who took on his shoulders the load era. «

The fact that Nazarbayev has become a global personality confirms the following example. Three years ago, one of the leading politicians of Turkey Namik Kemel Zeybek said: «When Kazakhstan gained its independence for the first time, we thought that Turkey will become an example for Kazakhstan. And 17 years later we have to admit that Kazakhstan has become an example for Turkey. «Do not these words emphasize the place of Kazakhstan on the geopolitical world map.

An expert of Institute of Political Studies Islamabad Muhammad Munir in «Pakistan Observer» wrote: «To the marshals are visionary individuals who were able to change the fate of their state." As published by the newspaper «Times» list of the hundred most influential people of the twentieth century, yet the former U.S. president Roosevelt. He said the words: «I see your people as people of one house, and it gives me great joy to know that the happiness of each of them is connected with each other». Not accidentally, putting Nazarbaev on a par with Roosevelt policy through its work to achieve national unity equates to translate dreams Roosevelt. Nazarbayev laid the foundations of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan called nowadays small UN. If representatives living in Kazakhstan for more than a hundred nations and peoples will develop language and culture will have its own theaters, is not a sign of inter-ethnic harmony?
The head of state and politicians say that the example for us in implementing reforms is Singapore. Prosperity of this country is connected with the name of a major personality. This is Lee Kuan Yew saying «life consists of teaching», he brought 30 years of the state, located on a small island country in the developed economies.

In times of journalism in Singapore I wrote a conversation between President N. Nazarbayev and Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, which I bring to your attention.

«N. Nazarbayev: How do you think the future role to play in this region to China?

Lee Kuan Yew: After 30 years, China will become inaccessible to other state. 120–130 million Chinese now perform menial jobs on the East Coast. However, they fall asleep China dollars. Calculate the Chinese in other regions. Certainly, it is not easy for China now. U.S. does not want to conduct trade with China. They prefer to work with the Japanese. Nevertheless, market is necessary for the goods. Where is it? In large China. China has sufficient internal reserves. As mentioned above, one should not forget that everything outside of the country Chinese work on China’s economy. For example, Gorbachev did not understand that the business has its own laws. If he drew in its economy over 20 million compatriots living abroad, it would have long since emerged from the crisis.
Nursultan Nazarbayev: And you are not alone with Vatanava wrote a letter to the U.S. president not to leave the region?
Lee Kuan Yew: Yes, we wrote such letter, otherwise you can expect from China’s unexpected actions.

Nursultan Nazarbayev: What?
Lee Kuan Yew: We need strong U.S. and strong China.

Nursultan Nazarbayev: Looks like the U.S. believe that Singapore is obliged to them for their achievements and to justify it. What do you say to that?

Lee Kuan Yew: We will not be able to quickly reach such heights without U.S. aid and investment. American corporations have invested heavily.

For example, Japan is not shared with us for its high technology. So we sent our young people to study in the United States, there was prepared the necessary personnel, our people fully mastered the English language.
Progress — is to master the technology. Therefore there is no need to avoid the United States, but on the contrary, it is necessary to integrate…»

This conversation was recorded over 15 years ago. What conclusions were drawn from the conversation, clearly illustrated today’s policy of Kazakhstan. We need not only strong U.S., a strong China, but also a strong Russia. Therefore, Nursultan Nazarbayev has made a strategic partnership with these three world powers, secured formal agreement opening the way investment flows.

Nazarbayev has become a generator of many ideas that are attractive not only for the CIS countries, but also the world’s politicians. That there is only his article «Keys to the crisis." Provisions contained in it not only recognized the prominent representatives of the banking system and economic sectors, a group of Nobel Prize winners, but perceived it as a guide to the reorganization of the world currency.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is not tired of «brainstorming." Based on the best achievements of world experiences in development and position of the national mentality, it always brings new ideas and is constantly searching. And here it is appropriate to say that, despite the global economic crisis, Kazakhstan has developed and successfully implemented a Strategic Plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2020.

N. Nazarbayev speaks with bold initiatives on vital issues for the native people. It is a testament to the fact that visionary policy formed the concept of unity of perception interests of the people and society.

All this big bold steps policies that anticipate the future and think about the consequences. Nursultan Nazarbayev suggested Trilingualism policies that help people get out of isolation, expand opportunities and lay the foundation for future progress towards world civilization.

Kazakhstan recently the human development index released on 51th place in the world. Is not this the first step towards achieving this goal to be among the 50 most competitive countries in the world?

Head of the Charles de Gaulle of France was not only general, but also a major political figure, has ensured that his country into a world power. He led his country to the five permanent members of the UN decided Algerian problem. A Nazarbayev? Nazarbayev in a short time transformed Kazakhstan, which has never been a sovereign state, not to pursue an independent policy and was merely an appendage of Russia in economic development. His words: «economy first, then — politics» — filled with living content.
There were held and political reforms. There are 10 political parties. Kazakhstan became a multiparty Parliament. Add to this the countless public and non-governmental organizations.
For twenty years, Kazakhstan was the first among the CIS countries was honored to lead the OSCE. This honor goes not by chance, but was the result of the tireless work of the President and his far-sighted policy. The Head of State was able to establish a strategic partnership with the most powerful nation the world — the United States.
Look at his very first and last visit to this country, it can be seen firsthand how the eyes grew personal authority outstanding politician Nazarbayev. Last visit raised and authority of our state. U. S. President listened with attention and evaluated proposals of our President on deepening strategic ties between the two countries and their further development. The whole world has been listened the proposals of Nursultan Nazarbayev during the summit on nuclear security in Seoul.
East and West, developed and developing countries, national arrogance and national oppression acquiring a new quality. The most important and most dangerous of them — religious clashes. It turns into a dangerous threat to humanity.

Now the earth is home to about 6 billion people. Not only that they are divided into three races — white, yellow and black, but also belong to different denominations. For example, 33 percent of the world’s population preach the Christian religion, 21 per cent — Muslim, 14 percent — Hindu, 6 percent — Buddhist, 0.2 percent — Jewish. Add to them numerous sects. We can say that the potential of their equal force nuclear threat. How can direct the energy in the right direction and not turn destroys all weapons?
The solution to this problem of concern to all humanity proposed by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. What it is reasonable? Whether it recognizes the world?
For this there is a need to pay attention to the tolerant national policy in Kazakhstan, but pass it through your mind and heart.

The society, people and public relations have changed. If you come from a position of historical comparison, the strategic program Nazarbaev «2020», like those dedicated to the conclusion of the U.S. crisis, «New Directions» Roosevelt, covers all areas of life, from production, to the ideology of the economy and society, and is a first for us condition and activity, leading to success.

Nursultan Nazarbayev leads the nation to a brighter future. Let this path be bright and cheery!

Ualihan Kalizhanov,
Doctor of Philological Sciences, Honored public figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan