If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

To start research of artifacts

To start research of artifacts - e-history.kz
The future is impossible without a support on the historical past.

The scientific community of the republic continues to discuss actively speech of the Secretary of State of RK of Marat Tazhin at meeting of the interdepartmental working group on studying of national history of Kazakhstan. The emphasis was placed on action that time puts new requirements before historical science and it is necessary to concentrate objectively attention on questions of studying of national history.

The Secretary of State reminded words of the President of RK of Nursultan Na -

зарбаева about that all Kazakhstan identity has to become a core of historical consciousness of the nation. The head of state, long ago and in detail dealing with issues of national history, suggested to develop the special program of historical researches under the name "The People in a History Stream". Expansion of the horizons of national history of Kazakhs, formation of new historical outlook of the nation, judgment of two decades of the contemporary history of Kazakhstan have to become its main goal creation of conditions for a quantum leap of historical science of Kazakhstan on the basis of the advanced methodology and a technique.

The future is impossible without a support on the historical past, – the expert considers. – She and words of the Secretary of State that reminded today Kazakhstan – the taken place state. We came to a new stage of the state construction. The strategy "Kazakhstan-2050" presented by the head of state, answers the main issues at a new stage of development of society, namely: where we go and where we want to be by 2050. By and large, it is a question of design of new world outlook model of the future of the country, determination of the main values and reference points. Certainly, these values have to be modern, directed in the future. They have to strengthen our national identity in the being globalized world which, it is necessary to tell directly, washes away national specifics. They have to provide preservation of a cultural code of the nation: language, spirituality, traditions, culture.

The leaders of the republic consider that updating of a national education system, in particular teaching of national history is necessary, – tells Slyamkaydarovn's Three-copecks piece. – Therefore the analysis of curricula, textbooks and grants on stories of Kazakhstan will be carried out. The contents and format of teaching of history of Kazakhstan in educational institutions of all levels will undergo change.

Need of objective judgment of the changes which have ripened in school historical education doesn't raise doubts as is a component of formation of historical consciousness in the republic.  Transformation of substantial aspects of a historical material at comprehensive school yet didn't become a subject of deep judgment and scientific approach.  Social functions of history aren't size constant and invariable.  They change together with development of historical science and the society.  Therefore illumination of cultural history of Kazakhstan will be incomplete without illumination of history of educational systems and the characteristic of social and economic conditions in the country. 

In the standard school training program it is told:  the history as a school subject matter is a core of all humanitarian and obshchestvovedchesky courses at the main comprehensive school, the expert reminds.  Forming national consciousness and moral ethical standards, the history forms a world outlook basis of studying of subject matters.  The history of Kazakhstan is studied by school students with 5 on 11 class, the period from an antiquity to the present. 

According to the standard plan from 36 hours of training per week at most two hours fall on studying of history of Kazakhstan in 5 and 11 classes, in the others – 1,5 and 1 hour per week, – tells Ualtayev's Three-copecks piece. – Whether it is possible to provide during this time possibility of critical perception with pupils of surrounding reality? To define own active civic stand in relation to the various phenomena of public life, consciously to simulate own actions in these or those situations? Because of deficiency of time at lessons and need to prepare pupils for ENT of the teacher from the 5th class bring to automatism answers to dry test questions. And on development of ability to use the received knowledge in life, independently to generalize, analyze, establish relationships of cause and effect, to form the personal relation to this or that historical phenomenon, on creative application of historical knowledge, ability to work with historical sources, comprehension of historical events and the phenomena on the basis of the comparative analysis remains not enough time. The history of Kazakhstan – an obligatory subject within Uniform national testing, – speaks the expert. – Thus subjects of such status are studied by school students in a week in 5–6 times more. Quality of the contents of textbooks and manuals on stories of Kazakhstan demands today full revision and scientific editing.

–  As for studying of history of Kazakhstan in higher educational institutions, in four years of the general training only one semester, is allocated 135 hours for an obligatory subject, – the historian explains.  –  At the end of a semester the examination having the status of state, besides in a test form is carried out, and students until the end of training forget this subject.  It would be more logical to carry out this state exam at the end of all educational process, as well as other disciplines, after all the young specialist first of all has to be the patriot of the Homeland, have social, spiritual, moral experience of formation of national outlook. 

The Secretary of State of RK considers that all these facts, ideas, events have to receive a system, objective assessment. It demands the serious scientific analysis, instead of ascertaining and is important part of a task which is set for historians: it is necessary to create modern and rather scientific uniform state standard of historical education at high school and higher education institutions which would be based on the most modern methods of research and teaching techniques.

For this purpose the national history has to become the central link among social sciences, – is sure Ualtayev's Three-copecks piece.  –  It is necessary to develop the general concept of history of Kazakhstan at qualitatively new level.  It has to be closely coordinated to a world history, accurately show a place of Kazakhstan in global historical processes, system of their interrelation and a scientific periodization. 

In the forthcoming work, according to the Secretary of State, it is necessary to pay paramount attention to collecting, systematization and classification of all available for us and abroad a historical material about Kazakhstan, – the historian tells. – Therefore it is necessary to investigate carefully all main foreign storages of historical artifacts and to study a question of possibility of repatriation of these historical materials to Kazakhstan. Or, if it is impossible, to provide their copying with the subsequent access for researchers and general public.

Special value, by words Ualtayeva's Three-copecks piece, was given also to a question of preparation of qualitative textbooks on stories. Therefore the staff of Institute of history and ethnology of a name of C.Valikhanov together with other scientists began work on preparation of new textbooks.