«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

The history that needs to be examined


The Institute of State history of the State of Committee of Science of RK held a round table meeting on “The New approaches to understand the scope and impact of "terror" and starvation in the Soviet Union in 1930." The discussion of such an important topic, from a historical point of view, was attended by researchers of the Institute of State History as well as by the teaching  staff of the  Eurasian  National  University  named  after     L. Gumilev and Nazarbayev University. Moreover, the discussion was also attended by the internationally recognized scholar, Steven Wheatcroft, who specializes in this period of the Soviet Union history.

The relevance of the topic raised by historians is due to the fact, that this year marks the 80th anniversary of the tragic events that took place in Kazakhstan – The Great jute, which claimed the lives of millions Kazakh people. According to the director of the Institute of State History Burkitbay Ayagan, the round table meeting is of a great interest and it is mostly because the dialogue brought together Kazakh and Western scholars who study the same problem, but with a different vision and understanding.

There are many versions regarding the famine, one of them is that the famine itself has been deliberately provoked in the Soviet Union by the current leaders of the country. By contrast, Stephen Wheatcroft has his own opinion about this question – A very unwise government policy as well as the ill-being natural factors was the cause of the famine. The position of Kazakh scientists is quite similar: the economic policy of the Soviet state was flawed and unsubstantiated. As it was explained by B. Ayagan, the vast and ambitious construction projects of the government party, required significant resources, including food, but instead of addressing these issues through the market, Party carried out reconnaissance.

According to the director of the Institute Burkitbay Ayagan, the book named “The Truth about the famine years of 1928-1932” will be released in May. It was prepared by the staff of the Institute. In this book, the scientists try to analyze the situation and find the root cause of the tragedy. The preface of the book will be written by Professor Stephen Wheatcroft.

The material is presented by the Institute of State History of Committee of Science of RK.

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