«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

About the announcement of 1998 for Year of national unity and national history


Considering numerous addresses of citizens, public associations and the Republic organizations, for providing a national consent and studying of national history I DECIDE: 

1. To declare 1998 for Year of national unity and national history.

2. To the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan: 

1) to form the State commission on carrying out Year of national unity and national history.  Till January 10 to make offers on its structure.

To suggest to be a part of the State commission:  to heads of political parties, public associations, national cultural centers, religious associations, creative organizations. 

To charge governors of regions, of Akmola and Almaty cities and to heads of the ministries, the State Committees and departments to form the similar commissions;

2) to present till January 15, 1998 on the statement to the Head of state the plan of the relevant activities, having provided their extended and timely coverage in mass media; 

3)  by Year of national unity and national history to make financing of actions for the account and within the means provided by the ministries and departments on the republican budget for 1998; 

4)  to take measures for a construction new and to reduction in an appropriate condition of memorials of the historical importance; 

5) to charge to the Republican onomastic commission to bring into accord with historical validity of the name of certain settlements;

6) to charge to the State commission on carrying out Year of national unity and national history to continue work on providing national consent and memory of victims of political repressions; 

7)  to take other necessary measures for implementation of the present Decree. 

3. The present Decree comes into force from the date of publication.

  President of

Republic of Kazakhstan

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