«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Archeological excavations


Archeology is a very important part of the spiritual and material dimensions in the preservation of cultural heritage. Due to the program «Cultural heritage», in four years that it has existed, enormous material has been received, a lot of new information has been found, which allow us  to understand and  know our history more deeply and widely.

The results of Kazakh-French archeological expedition in the East Kazakhstan region have become a real sensation. Expedition under the leadership of a Famous Kazakh archaeologist Zeynulla Samashev discovered well-preserved tomb with graves of man and woman  in the burial mound near the village of Berel in Chiliktin Valley. There also have been found thirteen-riding horses, adorned with jewelry, preserved due to the permafrost of burial mound. Age of horses from Berel burial mound is 2500 years.

Thanks to the original construction of burial mound’s building there have been preserved not only the meat in it’s fresh form, but also a powerful story of decorative art and unique objects of ancient jeweller's art. They are made in  Scythian-Siberian animal style, including the ceremonial decoration of Berel Chieftain’s horse, which were found in the burial mound. They were exhibited in the museum of the Presidential Center of Culture of Republic Kazakhstan after restoration and reconstruction. The secrets of the masters of Saki's period, who managed technology of manufacturing of gold ornaments, known in  populace as white gold, are not yet solved. In modern technology it is produced by electrolysis.

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