«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Constitutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 18 years


On August 30 all country celebrates the state holiday – the Constitution day. On the eve of a holiday in the «Көгілдір» hall of National academic library of the Republic of Kazakhstan solemn collective meeting of employees took place. With the congratulatory word the Director general of NAB RK Askar Alibek Asylbayevich opened meeting.

The library maintains close business relations with Institute of history of the state. And this time scientists of Institute were invited to solemn meeting. With the report on a subject: "History of the constitutional development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" vystupilstarshy research associate of Institute of history of the state of KN of MOH PK Suleymenov Armand Muratovich. In the report he told about formation of the Basic Law of the republic and the constitutional reforms of the last years.

In end the Director general handed over letters of thanks to the caused most a stir employees of library.  Then patriotic songs performed by young poets and singers of Astana were heard. 

In a hall the book exhibition "Aybara асқа қ Ata Za ң" was open for "Krma". Books and a reference media on history and development of a constitutional law in Kazakhstan, and also works of the Kazakhstan scientists about formation of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan are submitted to attention of visitors of an exhibition.

Also, the "RK Constitution on Periodicals Pages" exhibition is exhibited at the Hall of periodicals. At an exhibition publications from more than 35 names of periodicals, such as "For ң және заман", "Қазақстандағы parliamentarism", "Legal reform of Kazakhstan", etc. are submitted.

The material is provided by Institute of history of the state of KN of MAUN of RK

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