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Marat Konurov: It is important to collect and return the Kazakhstan artifacts to the state


It is important to collect and return the Kazakhstan artifacts to the state, director Marat Konurov considers, the correspondent of BNews.kz reports.

The scriptwriter and the director — Marat Konurov, known to the wide viewer the movies "Paradise Lost", "Kenesara", being in Petropavlovsk on movie presentation about Magzhan Zhumabayev, noted in interview to the correspondent that carrying out meeting by the State secretary of RK Marat Tazhin with leading scientists-historians it is very timely.

"Actually large number of the Kazakhstan artifacts is out of Kazakhstan therefore it is very important to collect all this, to return. At least such fact, as Kenesara's skull of the khan. We prepared the service record addressed to the Prime minister of RK with a request to create the commission on search and financing at the state level. It is necessary to give power expeditions from the state and seriously to be engaged in search of a skull of Kenesara", - Marat Konurov considers.

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