If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

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In 2005, Aliya Moldagulova's memorial complex was opened in Aktobe

In 2003, a Congress of leaders of world and traditional religions took place in Astana

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Birthday of Boris Erzakovich, the Kazakh musicologist and composer

Birthday of Boris Erzakovich, the Kazakh musicologist and composer - e-history.kz
Boris Girshovich was the Kazakh musicologist, composer, member of the Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan (1957), Honored Artist of Kazakhstan (1945), the Kazakh folk music collector and author of works on the Kazakh music. Since 1931 he collected Kazakh folk music, recorded about 2,500 songs. Boris Girshovich published collections of «the Popular songs of Kazakhstan» (1955), «Kazakh Soviet folk songs» (1959), collections of folk singers-composers Birjan, Mukhit, Zhayau Musy, Abay (1967–1970). His musicological writings and articles devoted to the history of musical culture Kazakhstan. As a composer he wrote pieces for orchestra: Overture on Kazakh Themes (1936), the poem «Tulegen Tohtarov» (1944); two string quartets (1937, 1948); Piano — Variation on folk theme «Yapuray» (1945), Sonata (1947), «Little musician» (20 plays on Kazakh theme, 1960); collection of choirs, songs, ballads, folk processing Kazakh songs.