If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Today in history

The decision to rename the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic as the Republic of Kazakhstan was made

Nursultan Nazarbayev took the oath as the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Nursultan Nazarbayev began his tenure as the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

An official transfer of the capital of Kazakhstan from Almaty to Akmola was made

The decree “On the Announcement of 1998 as the Year of the National Unity and National History” was issued

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The monument to victims of political repressions was opened in Petropavlovsk in 2005

Author of the project is Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan Hasen Abaev. The monument, which is located in Petropavlovsk on the place where there was at one time the NKVD building, symbolizes the prison.